gallerydirectart_1879_613231138The MSM forgot to mention this jewel from AP.

The new Administration supports keeping their emails secret… Oh my!

Court Rules White House Can Keep Email Secrets

The appeals court in Washington ruled that the White House Office of Administration is not an agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act, allowing the White House to keep secret documents about an email system that has been plagued with problems…

…The groups expressed disappointment that Obama’s Justice Department asked that the suit be dismissed after Obama promised greater transparency in government.

Anne Weismann, CREW’s chief counsel, said the group is disappointed in the ruling, but it is negotiating with Obama’s White House to get access to the Office of Administration’s documents anyway.

“Every president except for George W. Bush has treated OA as an agency subject to the FOIA, and we are counting on President Obama to do the same,” she said in a statement.”

I would not be holding my breath if I was CREW…

Update:  Hotair’s Ed Morrissey has an excellent  post on how the US DOJ will silence the masses. Too bad we can’t check the White House’s e-mail conversations with Lobbyists.  Transparency, ya right…