A statement from the employer of Ronaldo Jenkins, who was cited as the source of this story, denies that he made the comments published by the Jornal de Notícias. Based on this, confirmation at this time cannot be considered reliable or accurate. Note the SNEA qualifier in last sentence.

SNEA Statement English Translation: SNEA denies information on passenger messages that was issued by a Portuguese publication, not part of the technical director of SNEA, Ronaldo Jenkins, the information that the passengers of flight AF 447 Air France have sent messages to the cell when the family noticed problems with the aircraft. This information was raised by a reporter and discarded by the director of the Union, which considers almost impossible that such messages have been sent by conventional phones, except if there was a satellite link.

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It is now confirmed by Brazilian Aviation officials that several passengers sent text messages “I Love You” and “I’m Afraid”.

Several of the passengers sent text messages to their loved ones when they realized that the Air France plane had problems. “I love you” and “I’m afraid” are some of the messages that plug into the phones to relatives and friends of the passengers who were aboard the accident aircraft to Air France.

The leader of the aviation authorities in Brazil, Ronaldo Jenkins confirmed to the newspaper Journal de Noticias that several of the 228 people on board took contact with her family just before they lost contact with the plane.


There continue to be many unanswered questions and conflicting new reports concerning Air France Flight 447.  Don’t expect the French investigation to release anything  soon regardless of the press releases.

The head of France’s accident investigation agency, Paul-Louis Arslanian, when asked whether the chief pilot was in the cockpit when the plane went down, responded, “We don’t have for the time being the answer.”

An Australian Blogger from Syndey has posted a link to a Norweigian newspaper with text messages from Norwegian passengers….

According to a Norwegian newspaper, several passengers on board Air France flight 447 sent text messages to family members shortly before the plane disappeared from radar screens in Brazil…The messages included “I love you” and “I’m afraid.”

al Jazerra is reporting in the above YouTube that the doomed aircraft was serviced only 6 weeks ago. There are unverified reports that the same aircraft was involved in an accident with another aircraft which had significant damage.  The obvious concern here is if the aircraft was repaired correctly, particularly after reviewing the ADs in my prior post.

Currently, there are reports out of Brazil that all the material recovered thus far have been rejected as being from the downed aircraft.  The Brazilian Defense Minister is considerd by many as an American “Arlen Specter”.  Will say anything to protect himself at all cost!


AFbouillardThe French have nominated the same idiot who “headed” the Concord investigation and he maybe a bad omen for any timely investigation.  Some in the aviation industry believe that based on his past performance, his role will be strictly to absolve Air France and Airbus of any and all responsibility.

Aviation Week reports:

…The investigative team is broken into four groups, one overseeing the search operation, another looking into the aircraft’s history, the third examining aircraft operations and the last reviewing systems and equipment,  says.

Data still is limited, Arslanian says. The aircraft departed with no known faults.  In the last received communication from the flight deck, the pilot reported turbulence about a half hour before the aircraft is believed to have been lost.

The aircraft sent a series of electronic messages over a three-minute period, which represented only about a minute of information, Arslanian said.  Exactly what that data means hasn’t been sorted out, yet, he adds.

Air France received the data, but it does not appear to immediately have sparked major concern. With the investigation now formally underway, Air France refused to address the issue of the messages.


F-GZCPAccording to Chinaview, Pierre Sparaco, a French aviation expert, analyzed the flight records of Flight 447 and pointed out Tuesday that technological flaws blamed on bad weather could be the most likely reason. He noted that the plane went down while it was cruising, the part of a flight that is much safer than the takeoff or landing.Air France chief executive officer Pierre-Henry Gourgeon thought otherwise.  He said the true reason likely was that certain technological failures occurred before the plane encountered the massive storm.


This older AP report “Pilot saw ‘fire’ on ocean near route of missing jet” states:

The official Agencia Brasil news agency quoted Brazilian Air Force spokesman Col. Jorge Amaral as saying that a commercial airplane pilot saw what appeared to be fire on the ocean near the route taken by the Air France plane.

“There is information that the pilot of a TAM aircraft saw several orange points on the ocean while flying over the region … where the Air France plane disappeared,” Amaral said, referring to the Brazilian airline TAM.

“After arriving in Brazil, the pilot found out about the disappearance (of the Air France plane) and said that he thought those points on the ocean were fire.”


The mystery of what happend to Flight 447 continues to grow by the hour.  Stay tuned, more to follow…