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WASHINGTON, June 9 – RIA Novosti. The U.S. Department of Defense is sending 19 specialists in Natal, Brazil… “The American team will consist of professional soldiers and under contract, it has been noted in a press release from the army. Americans conduct searches for two Frency vessels.

Last week a U.S. military aircraft were mobilized to search for the Airbus A330. “He made three trips of eight hours before returning to Florida last weekend,” said the press service of the U.S. Armed Forces.

This is the most serious air disaster since the crash of an Airbus A300 American Airlines in New York in 2001 (265 dead), and the most serious accident to Air France in 75 years of existence.


USN19293MeretMarine: On Monday, the U.S. Navy equipment from the airport in Dulles, Virginia, to the Brazilian Natal. These facilities will include installed on tugs and Fairmount Fairmount Glacier Expedition.

Belonging to the group Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, these two vessels, expected today and Friday in Natal, will ship American towed sonar.

Their aim will be to detect the signals emitted by the black boxes of the Air France A330 that crashed at sea on June 1, more than 1100 km of Brazilian coast.


Nota 24 – 10.06.09


The Command of the Navy and the Air Command announced that the 16 bodies have undergone preliminary work of skill, in Fernando de Noronha, at the Air Base in Recife at 15:00 today, which follow to the Medical Legal Institute to complete the work of identification.

The Frigate Bosísio follows towards Fernando de Noronha and should arrive this Thursday, June 11, the place where the 25 bodies on board, will be collected by helicopter from the FAB. In the archipelago, these bodies become the same procedures they all were, or initial preparation and transport plane to Recife.

It is the weather report that indicates the time and visibility to the worsening of local searches, about 1350 kilometers from Recife, however, at present, does not compromise the activities of search and rescue.

The effective military, the means employed and the conduct adopted for the search operations remain unchanged in relation to information provided previously.





Below are the most recent on-line aviation chatter and message board discussions.  Please understand the below are only chatter/discussions among aviation professionals world-wide and should not be considered fact until all official information is released by Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Disinformation (BEA).

———————- Pitot Bulletin Board Chatter ———————-

The pitot heat will melt the ice in seconds or minutes and it will regain its functionality quickly. However, it may remain in the water in the tube which alters the accuracy of the measurement of dynamic pressure and consequently the value of air speed. To speed the evacuation is drilled a hole in the capillary tube. This hole should be small enough to maintain the pressure gradient between the dynamic and static pressure, however, but allow drainage. The current debate on the pitot is if I understood the position of this small hole compared to the sensor which would drain faster (+ or – 2 cm). This would not prevent new pitot icing, totally impossible to prevent the conditions, but would recover faster accurate measurements.

100% agree on the water that freezes instantly surfusion (and which forms the hard ice type translucent glass cathedral). I remember a personal passage to climb through a cloud mass that seemed trivial or however the cell was covered with ice at the point of not being able to keep the speed (very cumbersome aircraft profiles deformed) and m require speedy return to re-ask me where I had to leave. Impressive ground, there was ice on the airframe.

Is it also possible in very high altitudes? In other words, if the pitot were frosted, the cell does does not it also very quickly and frosted accumulated a quantity of ice as it made the plane too aloud, uncontrollable?



“Du grand n’importe quoi! The primary cause lies in the route between the AF447 and Intol Tasil at FL350 (35,000 feet) and cells, and severe thunderstorm convection encountered. Then (and this remains to prove) the pitot probe, a possible problem ADIRU, etc …

The avalanche of alarms transmitted by ACARS do in 4 minutes left virtually no chance for pilots if the aircraft was caught in the “chimneys” convective and current shear.’s testimony cdb flight IB6024 Rio Madrid, which followed 10 minutes AF447,

In fact, he was diverted to the east of 30 nm in order to avoid such dangerous cells and Cb was flying at FL370. Why did the French media hide this testimony?


If comes out that a malfunctioning Pitot-tube was the cause of this horrible crash, Thales, or Air France, or Airbus, or maybe all three, have something to explain!


To boil it down, there’s ALREADY evidence that all three of them knew about the pitot tube and did absolutely ‘fuck-all’ about it, except for a ‘recommendation’


This case will drag on for years, guys. There’s too much at stake for at least one government and at least three major companies. Chances are that the likes of us will never know the real truth about this accident.


AF447 – the Air Caraibes story and more on pitot tubes

Air Caraibes Airbus A330 memo

Talks about the two pitot-freezing incidents that two Air Caraibes 332’s experienced last summer. Air Caraibes wrote a very detailed memo to Airbus about the incidents. It can be found here (in French):

——– Conjecture Up to The “Event” Bulletin Board Chatter ——–

INTOL 01°21’39″S 32°49’53″W

TASIL 04°00’18″N 29°59’24″W

Last ACARS transmission, was sent over 03°34’40″N 30°22’28″W at 0214UTC

Let’s call this position LACRS.


INTOL-TASIL 28° 363 nm
INTOL-LACRS 26° 330 nm
LACRS-TASIL 42° 34 nm
TOTDIST 364nm (+0.3%)

Now we have the following time reports:

TASIL = 0220UTC (estimate)

INTOLTASIL 363 0133 0220 47 463 7.72 454 473
INTOLLACRS 330 0133 0214 41 483 8.05 471 495

This is yields the groundspeed based on allowance of 1 minute inacuracy of the times reported.

What I find surprising is that the initially expected speed of going INTOL-TASIL is SLOWER than INTOL-LACRS.

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, TASIL 0220UTC is only an estimate.

Another surprising thing: LACRS is 2 degs off track for INTOL-TASIL.

Only FDR data can confirm this!

Did they slow down?

Time Mins Spd DREM
133 463 330
210 37 463 285.77
214 4 664 44.23

Average 664kts during the 4mins is rather far fetched!

However, there are 2 speeds that could match, that is the maximum possible speed between INTOL and TASIL, and the minimum speed of INTOL to the last ACARS transmission.

Let’s make it 472Kts Groundspeed. (between 471 and 473)

If wind was zero, at FL350, 472KTAS would be about 0.82…

They planned for 0.84 which would be about 485KTAS.

Those TAS figures are IF the temperature was ISA… here, we suspect it’s ISA+15 which would mean the TAS would be a bit faster. The differene can be attributed to headwinds…

Well, according to this… it is likely that they didn’t slow down.

But then, as we ascertained, this shouldn’t be a problem for the aircraft, not until 0210UTC.




Debris are found at about 45km from TASIL…

The position of last ACARS position is 63km from TASIL at along the same track…

Now, if the current is from East to West, then I guess we can dismiss the “aircraft hitting the water at 0214UTC” as err… extremely unlikely…

If the current is from west to east, then it can be a different story…

Hence, I am myself left wondering…

If the Pitot icing can explain what happened that made the normal flight into one of warnings and failures… i.e: transition into phase2, and that phase 2 data shows the crew doing the QRH items for ADR1+2+3 fault… which cabin pressure to manual IS part of the procedure…

We are still left with a big gap on what happened after 0214UTC…

Whilst I and a few others suspect that the aircraft had transitioned out of phase2 into phase 3 (the so-called “transition into doom”), the data we have point that at 0214UTC, the aircraft was not in phase3, and unlikely to have started the transition into phase 3.

The big question is… what happened after 0214… I guess on this one, electrical failure is a BIG possibility…

Loss of control is possible… basically, you name it, [and] it’s possible after 0214UTC…


—————– Terrorist Bulletin Board Chatter —————–

How can they be on the passenger list then. Their names on the passports should match with the names on the passenger list, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to board. Would be kinda stupid move. First falsifying your passports, and then putting names on it of the most wanted terrorists of whole France.

That would sure make it into the top-10 bloopers of the year 2009!


Forged passports with fake names? This is rather common. Or maybe they are not the real two they are thinking of.


French media now quotes the French secret service that 2 radical Muslim extremists where on board the flight. They consider them a threat to France……

How can that be? They would never be allowed to board an AF flight to Paris, would they?

Forged passports with fake names? This is rather common. Or maybe they are not the real two they are thinking of.


The French security services have disclose two names corresponding to persons known to be linked to Islamic terrorism. In the absence of birthdate data however, full identification is not possible.

The hypothesis of an attack against Air France flight 447 linking Rio de Janeiro with Paris on June 1st has not been totally excluded, even if deemed very unlikely.

In verifying the passenger list, the French security service have revealed two names corresponding to persons known for their links with Islamic terrorism. Full identification remains pending however due to lack of their birthdate information.

No serious claims [to the hypothesised attack] have been documented as of this posting….

—————- Airbus/BEA Bulletin Board Chatter —————-

entreebeaYesterday, someone else brought in a celebrity testimonial quoted from the media, implying pilot mistake. I will go after this type of statement once again:

This wasn’t just a celebrity, it was a founder and owner of two highly respected companies in the aviation industry, being Lauda Air and FlyNiki. Second, he knows were he’s talking about, as ‘his’ Lauda Air lost an aircraft in kind of the same way as AF447 crashed.


From avherald.com (dated June 9th):

Airbus Industries said in an internal e-mail leaked to the public, that there is no evidence of any electrical failure as had been initially claimed by Air France, no evidence of loss of flight instrument displays and no evidence of an ADIRU malfunction as had happened in the Qantas incidents.



Grande Roue de Paris (Ferris Wheel of Paris)

Round and round and round it goes…

And where it stops nobody knows…