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Air China made a forced landing in Moscow

Passenger aircraft airline Air China, on Tuesday committed a forced landing at Sheremetyevo airport, sent to Beijing flight Aeroflot.  (See Also Here)


fire_australian_pictureAustralian A330-200 emergency landing due to fire in the cockpit

On Wednesday, June 10, on the American island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean made a emergency landing aircraft Airbus A330-200 flying from Osaka to the Australian city of Gold Coast. On this June 11, AFP reported with reference to nizkobyudzhetnuyu Australian airline Jetstar Airways, which owns Airbus landing.


June 12 (Bloomberg) — Wreckage from the Air France jet that crashed last week in the Atlantic Ocean killing 228 people will arrive in Brazil today as authorities try to determine what caused the disaster.

Thirty-seven parts of the Airbus SAS A330-200 will be handed over to French investigators in the northeastern city of Recife for analysis, Brazilian Air Force Brigadier Ramon Cardoso told reporters yesterday…

…Brazilian officials have expanded the search area to waters under the jurisdiction of Senegal, on Africa’s west coast. Salvage teams pulled three bodies from the water yesterday, taking the total to 44.

“We have told families of passengers that the possibility of recovering all of the bodies that were in the aircraft is extremely remote,” Cardoso said in Recife.

The three bodies found yesterday were nearer the coast of Senegal than Brazil, Cardoso said, and the air force is coordinating the search effort with authorities in Dakar.



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AF447: previous problems Pitot Air France

Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, who heads Air France today after leading the Civil Aviation at the time of certification of the A330, said today, according to Le Parisien, he is not convinced that probes are the cause of the accident. “During a” press breakfast “he added that” the investigation which should communicate, “according to Le Parisien.

If nothing else the ACARS messages does Pitot probes (such as BEA, which has officially spoken of erroneous measurements of the speed), and if we consider the previous we widely spoken, there is nothing to exclude this track seriously.

Of course, one can imagine that there are now in high place, a permanent to weigh every word of every submission made on the accident flight AF447. The lawyers in the world are ambushed, the letters rogatory will be launched, files accumulate even before the first identification of the body.

How did we get here? First, the media wave that has gripped the case of probes, which came to contradict the word of the BEA (remember: the lightning, the storm, the turbulence …) has been possible only because the credibility of the BEA is at a record low.

Secondly, we must understand the legal and financial challenges of the disaster, with all our sad thoughts to the families and relatives of the victims in this sordid accounts-which according to our information is without doubt one of the current concerns of the quartet DGAC / Air France / BEA / Airbus.

The manufacturer, which is a few days before the Paris Air Show, would be well past the immediate effect of (depreciation of its products), but anticipates the following record.

If Airbus acknowledged a problem with the probes, and if the experts had to find that the first FLR ACARS messages is a real time fault “ATA 34 11/15, the position would be difficult for Airbus to the court which will not fail to be seized of the matter, who could argue that in France

The governing body is looking for in-house that could well wide hat-it was made without knowledge to the time the Service Buletin (SB) for the second generation of pitot tubes can not become a “record of Airworthiness (AD), whereas in 2001 the change of the first generation of probes was made mandatory by the publication of the AD No. 2001-354 (B) of 8 August 2001 we reproduced here.

If the experts should find the first FLR ACARS messages is a real time fault “ATA 34 11/15, then it should explain why the guidelines were mandatory in 2001 but optional in 2007, while the remaining problems .

The operator finally just ending Ste Odile, who will furnish the covered court in a few months with Concorde. Photo of a drift blue-white-red floating in the ocean – strong image if any – will still tour the world with an immediate disaster.

Litigation of our world suggests the criminal appalling: there is already talk of the accident the most expensive in the history of civil aviation. If the experts should find the first FLR ACARS messages is a real time fault “ATA 34 11/15, the company will explain the lessons learned

However, previous to Air France, on A330 / A340, there were. Here is a quick reminder for 2008 / 2009:






# 6) A-340 (?) Date (?) CAY / CDG cruise at 350, moderate turbulence, the fluctuation rate (IAS) CBD, OPL and relief, with alarms and NAV ADR DISAGREEMENT FLT / CTL ALT LAW. IAS recovery after application of the procedure.

# 7) FGZCB AF459 March 2009

Each of these incidents has been the subject of an ASR (Air Safety Report) published, which we summarized in the journal “Overview” published by the Flight Safety AF.

We can actually say that this has nothing to do, there are, on the basis of experience Air Caribbean, a formidable array of presumptions, as a result.

So what happened to the level of flight safety and the lessons learned?

A last point is important. The media reported the comments of others (DGAC / AF / BEA / Airbus), as if they were separate entities do not recognize. Always keep in mind that the square manufacturer / Civil Aviation / Holder / Survey Analysis is actually a small circle.

No doubt historians will look in a hundred-years-on the CRM (Company Resource Management), as was practiced in the early 21st century is coming to the conclusion that the classification in the promo 1965 de l’Ecole Polytechnique been a latent factor “very distant, invisible, imperceptible, insignificant, but may be” tiny contribution “to the crash of the AF447:

Pending those who cultivate better feedback as others now cultivate secrecy, the independence of the investigation is now affected. At least not by us.

Disclaimer.  The above translation is based on my understanding/translation utility.  Please verify yourself by going directly to their website and decide on the interpretation/meaning yourself.



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