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Some on-line readers have questioned the translation below as being inaccurate.  I don’t speak Russian and will leave the interpretation/meaning to the linguistic experts.


Lenta суббота (Saturday) 13.06.2009 (English Translation)

Airbus A330-200 of Air France, June 1, crashed over the Atlantic, splits in the air gradually, over several minutes. This version now is the investigation, said the representative of Airbus.

This indicates firstly, that the bodies of some passengers of flight discovered the emergency services were at a distance of about 100 kilometers from each other.

Secondly, the reanalysis of recent messages sent by air to the automatic mode, showed that the system breaks down alternately, and many were denied long before the plane fell into the ocean.

In particular, Pitot tubes used to simultaneously determine the velocity and flight altitude, did not work for several hours until the plane was in the air.

В частности, трубки Пито, использующиеся для одновременного определения скорости и высоты полета, не работали в течение нескольких часов, пока самолет находился в воздухе.

These data make it possible to reject the new version of the explosion aboard the aircraft. On the unreliability of assumptions about the attack have said many officials from different countries.

Earlier media reported that on board the wreck of the liner could be two of the terrorists. However, was tested, and this version has not been confirmed: Only two passengers were randomly namesake of people suspected of links with radical Islamists.


sky_logo Sky News 7:48am UK, Friday June 12, 2009

Aviation officials say the evidence uncovered so far points to at least a partial midair break up of the Airbus A330.

Speculation surrounding the flight has focused on the Airbus’s airspeed sensors which may have malfunctioned.

A company report has shown that Air France Airbus jets’ probes malfunctioned at least five times last year.

But the French agency probing the crash said that it had yet to find conclusive evidence that faulty airspeed monitors were the cause.



INFOX опубликовано (Published) 12 июн ‘09 12:28 (English Translation)

Families of victims of A330 believe their cheating

Relatives of those killed in mysterious circumstances passenger liner A330 believe that they are withholding important information. The lawyers intend to seek the truth. Meanwhile, leaders of the company Airbus faces claims [against] those who circulate rumors about the possible suspension of all flights of A330 and A340.

«Some of the relatives, it seems that is not disclosed the whole truth», – said the lawyer Sophie Bottay. In their view, there is «clear filtering information» on past tragedy.

«The families of the dead want to get answers to their legitimate questions. For example, the last message from the plane was sent in 4.10 and up to 6.10, no one is concerned about the lack of contact with the crew. Why? »- Said Bottay. According to counsel, to establish the causes of the tragedy may take «months and even years».

Stop the rumors

Director of Airbus, in response to criticism that the investigation into the causes of the collapse is slow, said «irresponsible» attempt to «play with versions on security» aircraft.

The head of Airbus also threatened to file lawsuits to the authors of the articles, when «rumors» about the possible suspension of the entire fleet of A330 flights and A340. He refuted the relevant assumptions.

To reach this, would require the suspension of the operating certificate for the A330. Such a solution is within the competence of the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA. And today it is not even on the agenda, he said, noting that at the moment, experts have not established any connection between the collapse of the liner and any failings in the performance of aircraft.












Resgate de Corpos do navio da Marinha /


12/06/2009 – 19h27 Nota 29 – 12.06.09


Command and the Navy Command of the Air report that other bodies were rescued by the French Navy, however, the amount will be disclosed only when these bodies are transferred to a Navy ship in Brazil.

The Frigate Constitution should reach the port of Recife on Sunday, June 14, with wreckage and personal objects collected in the search. The pieces of the aircraft (debris) will be available to the Bureau d’enquêtes et d’Analysis pour la Securite de l’Aviation Civile (BEA). As for personal objects (baggage) of flight AF 447, the Air Force expects the positioning of the airline Air France, which is legally responsible for these items.

The aerial searches today only counted with the participation of the Brazilian Air Force aircraft. The two French aircraft participating in operation are in the routine maintenance and therefore could not fly.

The bad weather continued to perform the activities, however, the aircraft met all the search tasks that were planned for today. The height of the waves remains below one meter and the surface water temperature is around 26oC.

Today some data was recorded for the logistical effort of the Brazilian Navy in the operation. On June 11, the sum of days of sea of all ships involved in Operation totals 56.5 days. In all, 13,763 were navigated miles (25,490 kilometers), which represents more than three times the size of the Brazilian coast.

It reiterated that from tomorrow, June 13, only there will be a daily press conference to be held at 18.00 (time of Brasilia).