FAB Crew Rest Due To Weather

Bad weather hampered recovery operations Saturday for Air France Airbus Flight 447 that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on May 31, 2009.  With the worsening weather conditions, the Brazilian Navy and Air Force reported that their aircraft had to remain at base for most of the day.

In an evening press conference, Lieutenant-Brigadier of Aeronautics, Ramon Borges Cardoso, and Vice-Admiral of the Navy, Edson Lawrence, reported that due to the weather conditions, no additional wreckage or remains were found on Saturday.

However, during the day, the merchant ship Gammagas, Antigua registered, in transit to Uruguay from the United Kingdom, found and retrieved a few aircraft parts about 415 kilometers northwest of the islands of St. Peter and St. Paul.  Based on the pictures shown below, it would appear to be a spoiler to this writer.

The official number of passengers recovered remain at 44. however, Lieutenant-Brigadier Cardoso said six bodies previously recovered are on the amphibious ship Mistral French and will only be counted after they were delivered to the Brazilian military.  Additionally, he said 21 bodies were in Fernando de Noronha, arriving Saturday afternoon at the Recife Air Base and were delivered to the Medical Legal Institute (IML).



Air France issues certificates of presence on flight 447 to relatives of passengers

13 de Junho de 2009 – 17h34 (English Translation)

Vandoorne explained that the document confirming the presence of passengers on the flight can accelerate the application of the death certificate and entry into civil cases. The ambassador came to Brazil to follow the work of redemption. Once arrived, he met with relatives of passengers in the Guanabara Hotel in the center, and sympathize  with the pain of those present.

According to the French Consulate in Rio, Vandoorne, which will remain in the country until Wednesday (17), will travel to Recife, where he will monitor the work of searching for bodies and wreckage of the plane…


Experts ask Brazilian records of victims of flight 447

12 de Junho de 2009 – 18h50 (English Translation)

Experts hold that, in the Medical Legal Institute (IML) of Recife (PE), the examinations on the bodies of victims of the accident with the Air France flight 447, called today (12) records to the departments of Public Safety of the states of origin of Brazilians who were in the Airbus A330. The information was disclosed in the evening on an official note of the joint Federal Police (PF) and the Secretariat of Social Defense (SDS) from Pernambuco.

According to the note, the relatives of two victims met today with local authorities, which explained the technical difficulties in identifying the bodies and belongings collected at sea.

“On the identification of bodies, the state in which they are no guarantees that any positive indication from the family is conclusive. Moreover, the visual recognition of the bodies, alone, has no legal value, if not supported by technical evidence, “says the note.

The Federal Police and Department of Development of Pernambuco emphasize also that the attempt to identify the victims by the clothes and belongings is impracticable in that two or more passengers of flight 447 might be similar attire clothes or had similar effects.

The authorities say also that there is no provision for termination of expert activities because of technical accuracy required in this type of examination. The PF and SDS stress that the identification process meets the international protocols that ensure safety and reliability.

“Procedures as perinecroscopia, radiology, datiloscopia [fingerprints], odontostomatology-legal examination and autopsy are essential to ensure the accuracy of the results and to provide the information to assist in addressing the causes of the accident. For each body, necessarily, these steps should be observed for compliance with international rules governing the activity, “says the note.



The Brazilian press refers to a sharp fall of Air France A330

LEMONDE.FR avec AFP | 13.06.09 | 18h29 (English Translation)

The first debris from the Air France Airbus rescued in the open Atlantic suggest that the fall was sudden and did not explode in flight, according to experts cited by the press. The Airbus A330 Paris-Rio disappeared at sea in the night of 31 May to 1 June with 228 people on board for reasons still unexplained.

Dozens of debris collected by the Brazilian Navy has been exposed in a hangar at the airport of Recife. The former pilot Ari Germano, author of a book on aircraft accidents, told the Brazilian daily O Globo “impressed by at least one of the photos released Friday by the Brazilian Air Force. According to him, the image suggests that passengers on the Airbus were taken by surprise and that the tragedy took place so quickly that the crew had no time to react.


“I saw the wall that separates the whereabouts of the crew to prepare the meals and the passenger compartment. The chairs were set. What is curious is that these double chairs, used exclusively by the crew were folded. They are much thinner than those of the passengers and the photos you see the belt hanging. This suggests that the crew was traveling in the corridors of the aircraft. In case of alert or an imminent risk whatsoever, the crew would have remained seated in his place, “said Germano.

fa_Med_KitThey didn’t have time to do anything,” said the former pilot who has also recognized a case of intact orange first aid kit. The captain Ronaldo Jenkins, safety consultant of the National Union of airlines, has said about him in Globo that he had been able to identify a life jacket and also a part of the lining of the plane and there was no trace of fire or smoke, which exclude the hypothesis of an explosion. “In the photos published during the previous days, where you can see the tail of the aircraft and a toilet door, no sign of fire was visible” either, he added.


F/A Jump Seats - Note Hanging Seat Belts - FAs Were Not Seated?



Bodies of victims of Airbus arrive in Recife this Sunday; merchant ship at sea recover piece [Spoiler?]

Do UOL Notícias Em São Paulo13/06/2009 – 18h21 (English Translation)

During a press conference on this Saturday night (13), the Air Force reported that the arrival in Recife of the last three bodies of victims rescued from the Air France Airbus still in Fernando de Noronha is scheduled for this Sunday (14). The aircraft of Air France disappeared from radar in the last 31 days, as did the river trip to Paris with 228 people on board.

Have been brought to Recife 21 bodies of victims of flight 447, who arrived Saturday in the 16h of IML (Instituto de Medicina Legal). According to the Air Brigadier Ramon Borges Cardoso, tomorrow should be completed the initial expertise in other bodies in Fernando de Noronha.

Cardoso said that the Sabbath was a day of bad weather for the searches, which were damaged. “We had to collect all the aircraft that were launched, the bad weather that has not worked,” he said.

The Brazilian Navy also reported that, in the search, there was no collection of bodies or debris.

Still according to Brigadier, a merchant ship with flag of Antigua and Barbuda, which was the location, collected a piece of medium size that can be of the Air France Airbus.

The ship’s captain attempted radio contact with ships that were operating in the area, but failed. Then sent an email informing about the collection and sent pictures, which were released in the evening by the Brazilian Air Force.

Have the respect of the six bodies that were collected yesterday by the French ship Mistral amphibious, they still were not counted by Brazil, so the official number of victims remains found 44. “Only when we are passed there,” the Navy reported.

The ambassador of France to arrive in Recife Sunday and met with the Brazilian Armed Forces to ensure that all information is passed so that they can to continue the research work on the causes of the accident.



Possible AF 447 Spoiler - Pickup by Merchant Ship "Gammagas"



Possible AF 447 Spoiler - OnBoard Merchant Ship "Gammagas"



13/06/2009 – 18h09
Nota 30 – 13.06.09


Command and the Navy Command of the Air report that since the beginning of the operation, today presented the worst weather conditions for carrying out searches. This scenario has released the aircraft to return to the base and remain on land for most of the day.

During the day today, the Gammagas merchant ship, the flag Antiguana, making the route  Uruguay – United Kingdom, found and rescued rugged structure of the aircraft, at a point distant 415 kilometers northwest of the islands of St. Peter and St. Paul.

The Frigate Constitution will arrive tomorrow morning, day 14, the Port of Recife (PE), where we will download wreckage and personal objects collected in the search. The found pieces of the aircraft and baggage, will be under the responsibility of the Bureau d’enquêtes et d’Analysis pour la Securite de l’Aviation Civile (BEA), as agreed between the French aviation authority and airline Air France.

During the passage of the Frigate Constitution near Fernando de Noronha, an H-60 Blackhawk helicopter, the Brazilian Air Force, collected the three bodies that were in the ship carrying them to the islands for the initial examinations expert.

21 other bodies that were reached in the archipelago, to 14.00, the Air Base of the reef and were delivered to the care of the Medical Legal Institute (IML) of the capital Pernambuco. The bodies found in Fernando de Noronha will be transported in the coming days, as the progression of skills in motion.

The members of the press interested in registering the arrival of the Frigate Constitution to the port of Recife, should register via the following email address: (Brazilian Navy).