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à Paris "Moving Sidewalk" Why is the French Press Not Telling The Whole Story?....... Are They Being Threatened by BEA/Air France?


What Do They Now Know & What Are They Not Telling?

What Do They Now Know & What Are They Not Telling?



Searches in their 3rd week, priority to the investigation (English Translation) (Emphasis Mine)

Par LEXPRESS.fr, publié le 15/06/2009 07:30 – mis à jour le 15/06/2009 07:38

… The tragedy of flight AF 447 Paris-Rio, which crashed into the sea between Brazil and Africa on the night of 31 May to 1 June, remains unexplained although defective speed sensors of the aircraft have been involved.

But Sunday, EADS, the parent company of aircraft manufacturer Airbus, has called for “prudence”. “It is the convergence of different causes that causes an accident,” said Louis Gallois, CEO of EADS, on the eve of the opening of the Paris Air Show near Paris.

Air France, as the Office of Investigations and Analysis (BEA) in charge of the investigation, refused to make a link between the accident and Pitot probes (which measure the speed). The company has nonetheless stepped up their replacement on its Airbus A330-A340, under pressure from pilots and after several incidents in 2008 related to the malfunctioning of these probes.

… The debris appeared to indicate that the fall of the aircraft was sudden and did not explode in flight, according to experts cited by the Brazilian press. They are including a photo showing the crew seats, folded, suggesting that it was traveling and was taken by surprise.

Sunday, the Brazilian Army has corrected to reduce the number of bodies recovered, indicating that 43 and 44 bodies had been recovered by its vessels. The French fleet for its part has recovered six bodies.

… With great caution, the Brazilian military have started talking about a cessation of research. They will continue at least until 19 June, “said a military spokesman as saying that, as of June 17, an assessment would be made every two days.



lefigaro.fr (avec AFP) 14/06/2009 | Mise à jour : 14:54

Vol AF 447 : la thèse d’une chute soudaine (English Translation) (Emphasis Mine)

The first debris from the Air France Airbus rescued open Atlantic suggest that a device did not explode in flight.

While searching the wreckage and bodies in their third week, the Brazilian press echoes of a new hypothesis on the disaster of flight AF 447. According to experts interviewed by the daily O Globo on Saturday, the first debris from the Air France Airbus rescued open Atlantic suggest that his fall was sudden and did not explode in flight.

Faced with dozens of debris retrieved and displayed in a hangar at the airport of Recife, the former driver Ari Germano, said he was “impressed by at least one of the photos released Friday by the Brazilian Air Force.

According to the author of a book of air accidents, the image suggests that passengers on the Airbus were taken by surprise and that the tragedy took place so quickly that the crew did not have time to react.

I saw the wall that separates the whereabouts of the crew to prepare the meals and the passenger compartment. Chairs were set. What is curious is that these double chairs, used exclusively by the crew were locked. They are much thinner than those of passengers on the photos, you see the belt hanging. This suggests that the crew was traveling in the corridors of the aircraft. In case of alarm or signal of an impending risk whatsoever, the crew who remained seated in his place, “says Ari Germano.

The captain Ronaldo Jenkins, safety consultant of the National Union of airlines (SNEA), says about him Globo be able to identify a life jacket and part of the lining of the plane and there no trace of fire or smoke. “In the photos published during the previous days, where you can see the tail of the aircraft and a toilet door, no sign of fire was visible either, which would exclude the hypothesis of an explosion, he added.

Airbus calls for caution

Given these assumptions, and reliability while the probe speed was mentioned as a possible cause of the accident, the leadership of EADS and Airbus have called Sunday for “caution” in the search for explanations. “It is the convergence of different causes that causes an accident,” said Louis Gallois, CEO of EADS, the parent company of aircraft manufacturer Airbus, during a seminar held over the weekend, at the eve of the Paris Air Show.

We do not know if the Pitot tube (the probe to know if the Pitot tube (the probe to measure the speed in flight, ie) have played a role in the accident, nobody knows,” said Louis Gallois, referring to what the CEO of Air France-KLM, Pierre-Henri Gourgeon. He had said Thursday “not convinced that the probes were the cause of the accident flight AF 447.

Louis Gallois has therefore called on the press and the public to “caution” and “patience“, stressing that it would be a “long history”. The investigation into the crash of the Concorde, which had 113 deaths in 2000 in Gonesse, near Paris, had “weeks, if not months” while the investigation was much simpler.

Note: “Ronaldo Jenkins, safety consultant of the National Union of airlines (SNEA)”.  This is not the first time we have heard from Mr. Jenkins.  (See Here)



Air France has replaced all of its Pitot probes A330 and A340 (English Translation)(Emphasis Mine)

LEMONDE.FR avec AFP | 15.06.09 | 13h20

Air France has replaced all of the Pitot probe on its long-haul aircraft A330 and A340 by next generation models, said Monday June 15, Erick Derivry, spokesman for the SNPL, majority union within the company. He said he was informed “this weekend” by the management of Air France to replacing the entire probe, which can measure speed in flight and had proved to be defective on the Rio-Paris flight accident 1st June

“Air France has accelerated the replacement of these probes compared to the original timetable,” he said. The company had already replaced “at least two sensors on the three that make up these aircraft, after the threat of some drivers do to fly and undertook thereafter to replace the third probe by July 5, he said.



Published June 14 2009 at 17:23 by EuroCockpit. (English Translation) (Emphasis Mine)

The media war is worsening the magnitude of the disaster would at least have the merit to offer to those who can read between the lines a first judicial trend concerning the consequences of the accident.

The best defense would be an attack, at least if you believe the media output of the last few hours that we have analyzed. First, Airbus has insisted that even if we change all the probes, the probes were not involved. That even if the plane had crashed, there remained the safest in the world. It has even been read by the manufacturer, it was the first crash of an A330. There are not that of 30 June 1994 in Toulouse, in which 7 people died? This was not an A330? Of course, these interviews are completed by the thought to the families moved, each setting careful with them in the hope objective uncertain not to have one day face.

And then there was the very interesting media release from Air France. In such occasion, one would have imagined that the company could instead be low profile, but it is not. The threat against journalists is even clearer, the company will complain if we continue to write all these things.  Big deal: According to Liberation, the Honorable Figaro would have been censored for daring to say that the aircraft had disintegrated in flight.

Air France failed to clear, is that Le Figaro did not invent this thesis is the fact that the Brazilian newspaper O Globo after the disaster with great attendance. O Globo, from June 10, collected the indiscretions of Brazilian doctors, who among them say what they want who they want. Incidentally, the company has not threatened to call the press in Sao Paulo, and it will be easily understood why.

We will not return to the theory of dislocation, which therefore share the first findings of Brazilian physicians, and analysis of the situation in which the bodies were found. But this argument is the logical outcome of a possible drop-top, which itself is in line from one scenario to the “Air Caribbean” which itself can not be denied by the ACARS messages.

DISCLAIMER:  English Translated.

As their website says, if you are not sure of their meaning, call them and ask!




Resgate de Corpos do navio da Marinha /


15/06/2009 – 09h13 FAB Nota 3 – 14.06.09 (PF/IML-PE) (English Translation) (Emphasis Mine)

The Federal Police and Department of Defense announced that Social de Pernambuco, about the last 3 bodies found in the purchase, it was found that one of them – which is a fragment of tissue of approximately 80 cm – after being subjected to Preliminary analysis by the team working in Fernando de Noronha, was not human tissue, but rather of large marine animal, possibly gutted by a fishing vessel and thrown overboard.

The mistake occurred in the light of the impossibility of verifying, by a simple eye contact, be the fragment of the human body tissue or not. Only a more accurate test, as performed in Fernando de Noronha, could detect the true origin of the fabric.

The fragment is not discarded until laboratory tests confirm the belief of the experts.

Thus, the actual number of bodies recovered is 43, not 44 as had been previously disclosed.

Polícia Federal e Secretaria de Defesa Social de Pernambuco Tel.: (61) 2024-8142




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