BEA Press Conf Notes – Airbus “Full Command”



Below are the key points that I have thus far been able to obtain out of the BEA Press Conference this morning:

More than 400 pieces have been recovered.  No conclusions have yet been reached.

“If we had concluded or excluded something, we would have told you,” said Paul-Louis Arslanian, head of the French air accident investigation agency BEA.

Expressed “a little more optimism” in finding clues to what caused the crash as discovery of more debris narrowed the vast search zone off the north east coast of Brazil.

…He said the debris came from “all zones” of the plane, but did not describe them in detail or say what proportion of the entire Airbus A330 has been retrieved.

…Mr Arslanian said Brazilian authorities have not released to the French the post-mortem results from the bodies recovered so far – although he expects they will be.

Update:  BEA Press Conference Notes.  I-BFM TV.  Journalists have no microphone, impossible to hear the questions, PLA irritated several times due to issues related to information.  BEA (no theory of dislocation in flight). First report scheduled for the end of the month.

Just about what we would expect out of BEA.  Besides, they have a Paris Air Show to attend…


The 48th edition of the Salon International de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace – Paris Le Bourget will celebrate its centenary.  The first edition of the Exhibition was held in 1909 at the Grand Palais.

From 1909 to 1949, the show takes place between November and December at the Grand Palais. The first flight demonstration occurred in 1949 at Orly, and then in 1951 at Le Bourget.  From 1953, the show is  held in June at Le Bourget.

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L’ –  16/06/2009 18:05:00  (English Translation)(Emphasis mine)

Salon du Bourget: Airbus full command

The 48th edition of the aeronautics and space takes place from 15 to 21 June spite the [Flt 447] crisis.  The major announcements of this second day, includes Airbus as major beneficiary.

Airbus foresees a recovery in 2010 “We believe we are close to the end [of the crisis, ed]. In 2010, we expect the recovery,” said the boss of the European aircraft manufacturer, Thomas Enders, at a press conference Tuesday at the Paris Air Show.

“We expect roughly the same number of deliveries in 2009 than in 2008,” he said. Last year, Airbus delivered 483 aircraft. Mr. Enders said about the planned production rate: 34 medium-haul A320 family of each month from October, against 36. For the family of long-range A330/A340, 8.5 aircraft per month, and the jumbo A380, 14 copies in 2009.

Indeed, Airbus has increased its bookings.  The Philippine airline Cebu Pacific has placed a firm order for five medium-haul Airbus A320s, bringing its initial order of 15 to 2007 copies. The order amounts to 384.5 million at list prices.

The airline Vietnam Airlines has also signed a firm order for sixteen medium-range A321 and an intent to purchase two A350 long-haul to the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The amount of the 16 A321s ordered is $ 1.4 billion, according to catalog prices. The date of delivery of these aircraft has not been specified. The catalog price of the two A350 is 240.6 million dollars each.

Finally, low-cost Malaysian AirAsia announced a firm order of ten long-haul A350-900s plus five options. According to the catalog price of the manufacturer, this firm order is nearly $ 2.4 billion. This is the command of the largest aircraft passed at Paris Air Show since it opened yesterday.

A success that makes rival Boeing jealous? The American manufacturer has indeed said they are “very disappointed” that its competitor Airbus is trying to obtain reimbursable aid to European countries for the development of the A350 and finds that this reflects a “disdain” for the WTO.

“We are very disappointed that Airbus still choose to use government funding to develop its aircraft, while it has the resources for this,” said AFP Tuesday Robert Novick, Legal Counsel of Boeing.

The Airbus partners have not agreed on Monday refundable aid for the launch of the Airbus A350, but France offered up to 1.4 billion euros and Germany 1.1 billion. The United States and the European Union are currently in litigation regarding state aid to aerospace.

Airbus has landed in January the first stone of the assembly line of its future long-haul A350, a plane built largely of composite materials to be delivered from mid-2013 and intended to compete with the Boeing 787. Its development cost is 11 billion euros.

The Russian Su also revenue Russian aircraft manufacturer has received a firm order for 24 copies of his regional airliner Superjet 100, the aircraft lessor Uzbek Avialeasing, a catalog value of $ 715 million, he announced Tuesday. Su also announced Tuesday a letter of intent from the Spanish company Gadair for the purchase of 2 aircraft and an option for 2 additional.

The crash of the Air France A330 from Paris to Rio and discussions about Airbus refused to “speculate” about the causes of the disappearance of the A330 Air France between Paris and Rio, said the owner of the ‘European aircraft manufacturer, Thomas Enders, referring to investigators.

We do not speculate. We support the Office investigators Survey Analysis (BEA). And we hope that the black boxes will be found, “he said. Asked about the lack of communication Airbus about the accident, Mr. Enders said,” is the normal procedure. Other manufacturers react the same way it is for investigators to communicate, they will lead the inquiry. “



While the “Children” in Paris attend le cirque,

the “Real Heroes”  are conducting the SAR Missions…




Until yesterday, the operation of search and rescue come a total of 1,000 aircraft hours flown by Brazilian and foreign. The number is more than twice the number performed during the rescue of flood victims in Santa Catarina, in 2008.




Resgate de Corpos do navio da Marinha /


16/06/2009 – 18h16 FAB Nota 33 – 16.06.09 (English Translation)(Emphasis mine)


The Brazilian Navy Command and Aeronautical Command report that, in this Tuesday, 16th, 11.30 (schedule of Brasília), another body was observed and collected by Corbeta Caboclo. In total, 50 bodies were found.

The definition of the area of search to be established for each day the aircraft is obtained from the SALVAERO team in Recife, which analyzes various data, as previously reported, sea currents and prevailing winds. These data are inserted into a computer program SARMASTER, which helps in identifying new areas to be covered. The area designated for the searches of today has more than 19 thousand square kilometers.

The frigate Bosísio reached the vicinity of Fernando de Noronha with six bodies found earlier by French amphibious ship, Mistral. At 8:15 a.m. (schedule of Brasília), an H-34 helicopter Super Puma landed on the islands with these bodies. At that time, the frigate is to Natal-RN in order to perform routine maintenance.

Tomorrow, day 17, the Landing Ship Dock Rio de Janeiro will place about 25 miles (48 kilometers) north of Fortaleza-CE, in order to receive two helicopters, a UH-14 Super Puma and a UH-12 Squirrel.  Besides this ship, which moves to the area of search, the Brazilian Navy maintains that the following local media: tanker Gastão Motta, the corvettes and Caboclo Jaceguai the ship-Goiana Patrol, in addition to the high seas tug of Triumph. A French navy ship Mistral operates with the frigate Ventoso.

The Brazilian Air Force operates with 10 aircraft, with a R-99 aircraft, three C-130 Hercules, two C-105A Amazonas, two P-95 Bandeirante of Patrol, a helicopter H-60l and a Black Hawk H-34 Super Puma . France uses two aircraft: a Falcon 50 and a 2 Atlantic. Yesterday, Operation surpassed a total of a thousand aircraft hours flown by Brazilian and foreign.

Centro de Comunicação Social da Marinha
Centro de Comunicação Social da Aeronáutica




I think this is the software they are using:

SARMaster systems provides multiple Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) controllers with both graphic and text views of SAR information. SARMaster automates manual, time consuming case information gathering tasks like logging, data entry, registration database lookup, rescue resources lookup, checklists, mapping and reporting.







SAR efforts as of 06/16/2009:

1. 50 bodies has been discovered in total

2. Search for today covered an area of 19.000 square kilometers

3. Tomorrow ship Rio de Janeiro will be at 25 miles north of Fortaleza, expecting the arrival of two helicopters, one UH-14 Super Puma and one UH-12 Esquilo.

4. Brazilian Navy vessels involved in SAR operation :

Tanker Gastao Motta // Corvette Caboclo // Corvette Jaceguai // Patrol Goiana // Tug Triunfo.

(Two French vessels: The Mistral and frigate Ventose + Emeraud Submarine ).

5. 10 FAB aircraft involved in SAR efforts :

a.-One R-99

b.-Three C-130 Hercules

c.-Two C-105A Amazonas

d.-Two P-95 Bandeirante

e.-One H-60L Black Hawk Helicopter

f.- One H-34 Super Puma Helicopter

One Falcon 50 and one Atlantic 2 – France

The total time of hours in the air for the SAR efforts  is over 1.000 hours.


Resgate de Corpos do navio da Marinha /FORÇA AÉREA BRASILEIRA