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My 2nd great-grandfather was a Civil War Soldier.  Grandpa LuckyBogey, Sr., and his brothers are listed in the muster roll of Company B, 49th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A. of Telfair County, Georgia, known as the Telfair Volunteers.

Sergeant LuckyBogey, Sr. was wounded and captured at Petersburg, Va. in April 1865.  Grandpa Luckybogey , Sr. escaped from Jackson Hospital in Richmond the next day and as General Lee surrendered, Grandpa LuckyBogey, Sr.,  on his own, made his way back home to Georgia.

Grandpa LuckyBogey, Sr.,  died in April 1918 on a Saturday morning after an illness of three weeks with Bright’s disease.  He lived to be eighty-four years old and had been in feeble health for several years.  His body was carried to Towns on the noon train and interment took place in the family cemetery.

iwp1_magesparkerA Tip for The GOP: Look Away

Southern writer Walker Percy liked to poke fun at Ohioans in his novels, just to even things out a bit.

“Usually Mississippians and Georgians are getting it from everybody, and Alabamians,” he once explained to an interviewer. “So, what’s wrong with making smart-aleck remarks about Ohio? Nobody puts Ohio down. Why shouldn’t I put Ohio down?”

Percy, the genial genius, laughed at his own remark.

Now, apparently, it’s the Buckeye State’s turn to poke back. In a fusillade of pique, Ohio Sen. George Voinovich charged that Southerners are what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

“We got too many Jim DeMints and Tom Coburns,” he told an interviewer with the Columbus Dispatch, referring to GOP senators from South Carolina and Oklahoma. “It’s the Southerners. They get on TV and go ‘errrr, errrrr.’ People hear them and say, ‘These people, they’re Southerners. The party’s being taken over by Southerners. What the hell they got to do with Ohio?’ “

Down South, people are trying to figure out what “errrr, errrrr” means. Jack Bass, author of eight books about social and political change in the South, speculated in an e-mail that Voinovich really meant grrrr, grrrrr, as in “growling canines whose bark scares more than do Obama’s purrs, especially with the Dow at a nine-month high.”

Whatever Voinovich’s sound effects were intended to convey, his meaning was clear enough: Those ignorant, right-wing, Bible-thumping rednecks are ruining the party.

Alas, Voinovich was not entirely wrong.

Not all Southern Republicans are wing nuts. Nor does the GOP have a monopoly on ignorance or racism. And, the South, for all its sins, is also lush with beauty, grace and mystery. Nevertheless, it is true that the GOP is fast becoming regionalized below the Mason-Dixon line and increasingly associated with some of the South’s worst ideas.

It is not helpful (or surprising) that “birthers” — conspiracy theorists who have convinced themselves that Barack Obama is not a native son — have assumed kudzu qualities among Republicans in the South. In a poll commissioned by the liberal blog Daily Kos, participants were asked: “Do you believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States of America or not?”

Hefty majorities in the Northeast, the Midwest and the West believe Obama was born in the United States. But in the land of cotton, where old times are not by God forgotten, only 47 percent believe Obama was born in America and 30 percent aren’t sure.

Southern Republicans, it seems, have seceded from sanity.

Though Voinovich’s views may be shared by others in the party, it’s a tad late — not to mention ungrateful — to indict the South. Republicans have been harvesting Southern votes for decades from seeds strategically planted during the civil rights era. When Lyndon B. Johnson predicted in 1965 that the Voting Rights Act meant the South would go Republican for the next 50 years, he wasn’t just whistling Dixie.

A telling anecdote recounted by Pat Buchanan to New Yorker writer George Packer last year captures the dark spirit that still hovers around the GOP. In 1966 Buchanan and Richard Nixon were at the Wade Hampton Hotel in Columbia, S.C., where Nixon worked a crowd into a frenzy: “Buchanan recalls that the room was full of sweat, cigar smoke, and rage; the rhetoric, which was about patriotism and law and order, ‘burned the paint off the walls.’ As they left the hotel, Nixon said, ‘This is the future of this Party, right here in the South.’ “

That same rage was on display again in the fall of 2008, but this time the frenzy was stimulated by a pretty gal with a mocking little wink. Sarah Palin may not have realized what she was doing, but Southerners weaned on Harper Lee heard the dog whistle.

The curious Republican campaign of 2008 may have galvanized a conservative Southern base — including many who were mostly concerned with the direction Democrats would take the country — but it also repelled others who simply bolted and ran the other way. Whatever legitimate concerns the GOP may historically have represented were suddenly overshadowed by a sense of a resurgent Old South and all the attendant pathologies of festering hate and fear.

What the GOP is experiencing now, one hopes, are the death throes of that 50-year spell that Johnson foretold. But before the party of the Great Emancipator can rise again, Republicans will have to face their inner Voinovich and drive a stake through the heart of old Dixie.


Kathleen Parker

From Wikipedia:

Kathleen Parker is an American syndicated columnist. Her columns are syndicated nationally by The Washington Post Writers Group. Parker is a consulting faculty member at the Buckley School of Public Speaking, and is a regular guest on television shows like The O’Reilly Factor and The Chris Matthews Show.

Parker is the author of Save the Males: Why Men Matter, Why Women Should Care (New York: Random House, 2008). A columnist since 1987, she has worked for five newspapers, from Florida to California, and is the 1993 winner of the H.L. Mencken writing award presented by the Baltimore Sun. She has written for several magazines, including The Weekly Standard, Time, Town & Country, Cosmopolitan and Fortune Small Business. She also serves on USA Today’s Board of Contributors, writing for that newspaper’s OPED page. She is also a contributor to the online magazine, The Daily Beast. The Week magazine named her one of the nation’s Top Five columnists in 2004 and 2005.

Parker grew up in Winter Haven, Florida, and attended Converse College before transferring to Florida State University where she majored in Spanish Literature. She also holds a Master’s degree in the subject from Florida State.

She is married to an attorney, has three sons, and currently resides in Camden, South Carolina.[1]

Parker made news during the 2008 U.S. presidential election when she called on the Republican vice presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, to step down from the party ticket after a series of media interviews Parker learned that Palin did not read the New York Times.[2][3][4] Parker received over 11,000 responses, most from conservatives criticizing her.[5]


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Parker’s column archives at Jewish World Review


March 1, 2009 in Opinion

Kathleen Parker: Let Bobby Jindal be himself

I liked the old Bobby Jindal better – the one whose brain moves so fast, he’s already indexing questions his interviewers haven’t thought of yet.

What did they do with him?

The Jindal who responded to Barack Obama’s address to Congress was less the brilliant statesman than a terribly mixed metaphor – equal parts Mister Rogers, Bobby Brady and Kenneth the Page.

I know Bobby Jindal, and that guy wasn’t Bobby Jindal.

The real Jindal is the intellectual equivalent of a nuclear power plant. The real Jindal has actually read the stimulus bill and can recite its contents. The real Jindal is the sort of politician who promises ethics and education reform, and actually delivers.

Stories of Jindal’s ability to quickly assess a problem and fix it have become the stuff of legend in Louisiana, as when he was assigned the task of reforming the state’s Medicaid program and presented a workable plan the following morning. He was in his 20s.

That kind of performance, followed by his bare-hands approach to Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts as a Louisiana congressman, helped him become the nation’s youngest governor in 2007. What happened to that guy? Who snatched his body?

His staff did.

In fact, Jindal did not write his own speech, and he’s on a choke collar by some well-meaning people who helped him win the governor’s race. What worked in Louisiana in 2007 may not work on the national stage in 2016, when Jindal is most likely to run for president.

The stage-crafting was amateurish and the speech embarrassing. Jindal is smarter than the guy who criticized “volcano monitoring” as an example of wasteful spending in the stimulus bill, prompting the same cringe reflex that Sarah Palin did when she targeted silly ol’ spending – in France, no less – on fruit fly research that is, in fact, crucial to medical research.

Volcano monitoring may not be a top priority for creating jobs and stimulating credit, which is doubtless what Jindal’s speechwriter meant, but it does save lives. Jindal’s rendering of a spending eruption metaphor (get it?) merely gave Democrats yet another opportunity to question Republicans’ understanding of science and the role of government in protecting the public good.

Being the smartest person in the room can be a mixed blessing. Whether it is advantage or handicap for a brainy candidate depends on having the right people around him. At the moment, Jindal seems to be handicapped by handlers who either don’t trust their candidate or have no faith in Americans’ intelligence.

In coaching him to dim the lights a tad, they stole his spark. Dumbing down doesn’t come naturally to wunderkinds like Jindal. In trying to sound human, he sounds fake. In attempting to convey everydayness, he comes across as an extraterrestrial.

Tuesday’s speech was a setback, much like Bill Clinton’s droning 1988 Democratic convention speech, but hardly a career-ender. When Jindal apparently slipped his collar and resurfaced Wednesday morning on the “Today” show, the Rhodes Scholar Jindal (who was accepted to both Yale and Harvard medical and law schools) was back.

He dropped his “I’m-just-a-regular-guy” shtick and managed to articulate his conservative principles without putting the audience in mind of cookies and milk. Praising Obama’s objectives – while conceding that Republicans have lost fiscal credibility – he emphasized his preference for policies that help businesses create jobs rather than government programs he fears will require a taxpayer feeding tube in perpetuity.

It’s a shame that Tuesday was Jindal’s first introduction to many Americans, who won’t have a clear picture of the man. It’s also a shame he and Obama aren’t on the same team. Although they differ strenuously on social issues and the role government should play in problem-solving, they are temperamentally similar. Most important, both are pragmatists who promise to seek solutions that work, rather than be bound by ideology. It would be heartening to watch these two serious thinkers craft real bipartisan solutions to our economic troubles. One can fantasize.

At just 37, Jindal needs seasoning, but again, like Obama, he’s a quick study. Lesson No. 1: Governor, fire your staff and retool. A majority of Americans have demonstrated that they’ll vote for the smart guy, even if he talks too fast.


Kathleen Parker Calls Out the Southerners Destroying the GOP

Kathleen Parker writes another disingenuous article bemoaning the racist, fearmongering ways of her party, the GOP. Not because behaving in such a manner is morally reprehensible, mind you, but because it has cost them votes-I don’t remember her ever wringing her hands about it when hate was politically advantageous for the GOP. Money quote:

The curious Republican campaign of 2008 may have galvanized a conservative Southern base — including many who were mostly concerned with the direction Democrats would take the country — but it also repelled others who simply bolted and ran the other way. Whatever legitimate concerns the GOP may historically have represented were suddenly overshadowed by a sense of a resurgent Old South and all the attendant pathologies of festering hate and fear.

Man, I hate Kathleen Parker with the white hot heat of a thousand suns-not because she’s an idiot, but because she isn’t, and yet she still clings to the notion that conservatism has something to contribute to 21st century America. My email to her:

“Republicans will have to face their inner Voinovich and drive a stake through the heart of old Dixie.”

Yeah, right. That’s gonna happen, uh-huh. As I type, these monstrous idiots are doing everything in their power to resurrect the Southern Strategy, and they aren’t even bothering to hide their intentions or be clever about it anymore. In order to “drive a stake through Dixie”, for example, someone would have to have balls enough to denounce Glenn Beck for saying the president hates white people. They would have to engage in a *serious* dialogue about immigration reform. They would have not spent three days asking a Supreme Court nominee if she’s a racist. Do you see my point here? Do you see ONE member of the current GOP willing to be honest about these issues, much less act on them? I don’t think this group is even cynical about it, the way Buchanan and Nixon were-to the DeMints and Coburns of the world, coming of age under the racist hatemongers Nixon and Reagan, this isn’t just a way to gain votes, it’s a way of life. Even the least lunatic of the crop, Lindsay Graham-an asshole only about 60% of the time, as opposed to 100% Jim DeMint-is only willing to stick his toe in the water to address these corrosive problems. The GOP-besides being derided as the party of the low IQ and birthers-outside the south has frankly supplanted the Klan as the face of hate and intolerance in America, only in suits and ties instead of hoods. At least the Klan was honest about their intentions.

Oh, and guess what, Kathleen? They also hate women. Why do you think Caribou Barbie-a completely emptyheaded but very pretty moron-is such a hit with this group? Because she in no way threatens the white male power structure. (She can give a coherent speech only when white guys write it for her, for Christ’s sake).

Which makes me wonder what you and Peggy Noonan are doing still carrying water for this group. But you have to sleep with that, not me.

“Classy, Conservative, and Absolutely Brilliant”


Phony Conservatives

March 25, 2009

I can think of ten off the top of my head…David Brookes, Frank Schaeffer, Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, Arlen Specter, John McCain…the list goes on.  They serve as nothing more than traitors to the true right-wingers, and esteemed members of the insurgency to the media elites who frequently quote and reference them as the face of the GOP.  Since they aren’t true conservatives the media adores them.  Must we be reminded of how TRUE conservatives are treated???

The one who has made more ruckus than the other ass-kissers most recently is Kathleen Parker.  She is constantly cited as the respected conservative columnist from the allegedly conservative National Review Online.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that Parker is anything but what she claims to be.   She was unbelievably incessant when she decided to undertake the media’s relentless campaign against Sarah Palin as ‘unqualified’.  Parker deemed it an act of bravery to continuously call for Palin to step down as Vice President for the sake of the party.  Does anyone see the irony in taking loyalty lessons from someone as distinguished as Kathleen Parker?

I was most enraged by Parker’s recent profile of Meghan McCain, a new media favorite, as she courageously attacked Ann Coulter.  Three things:  Anyone who attacks Ann Coulter is either:

A). Trying to draw attention to themselves through her success.


B).  Trying to make friends with respectable media personalities like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and  Keith Olbermann.


C).  Jealous because of her SEVEN massive bestsellers, extreme popularity among the party despite being employed by none other than the American people, or because she’s a powerhouse who makes liberals and phony conservatives cry.

We have enough bullies in the media ragging on conservatives.  The last thing we need are phonies posing as conservatives attacking other conservatives.

I enjoyed Meghan McCain’s v+blogs and inside commentary from the presidential campaign.  But labeling her representative of a new wave of conservatives as the less-extreme, moderate types is a bit much!

Knight_of_the_Mind’s blog

Kathleen Parker – The Anti-Palin

By Knight_of_the_Mind – Posted on July 8th, 2009

Face it Kathleen Parker. You just don’t measure up. There’s someone out there right now who is everything you aspire to be. She got there from far humbler origins and has a far brighter future ahead of her.This someone, of course, is Sarah Palin. The laughable envy you feel over you’re inability to measure up to her in any legitimate measure of grace, decency or feminine virtue reduces you to the level of Shelob the Spider-Queen in one of Morder’s foul dungeons.

Kathleen if you keep up like this, you could qualify as the spinster columnist almost (but not quite) as clever as Maureen Dowd….. It starts with the back-knifing, gutless “Republican Staffer.” Quoted, anonymously of course, below.

“Let’s face it, she just doesn’t really want to govern, and she’s doing what’s best for her,” said a Republican campaign strategist who has worked with Palin.

“This is a win-win,” said another. “It’s a win for her because she is not politically viable, and now hopefully she can make a lot of money, have balance and affect culture in a positive way. It’s a win for the Republican Party because she was the female version of [George W.] Bush in some ways. She is not intellectually curious. We need and have smart, competent alternatives.”

Having caucused the Andrew Sullivan Wing of the GOP, she then goes on to deny the extent to which Governor Palin got put through the wringer.

Undoubtedly and understandably, Palin is weary of the fray. The crucial turning point was the attacks on her family. No one can honestly make the case that the Palins didn’t take more heat than other public families. That said, it isn’t difficult to avoid media attention. All one has to do is go to Alaska and stay put. But Palin, like the giddy Icarus, seems drawn to heat and light.

I’m still remembering the all the Slutty-Flight Attendant jokes going around about Nancy Pelosi. Did you here the one about Barack Obama’s daughter getting knocked up during the 7th Inning Stretch of a Nationals Game? You haven’t?

Oh that’s right, Kathleen, nobody has been making any of those jokes. And it’s all because Sarah Palin goes on out there and asks for it. That’s probably what Kathleen Parker would write in one of her columns if Governor Palin were abducted and raped.

Oh, and getting sued for half-a-mil, that’s just chump-change according to Kathleen. Let’s throw in some PAC-envy into the phlegm and bile cocktail too, while we’re at it.

Palin also blamed frivolous ethics charges as a reason for her premature retirement. Alaskans lately have turned against the once-popular governor and filed complaints that have run up legal fees in the $500,000 range. Nobody wants that, surely, but that’s chump change for Palin, whose supporters tossed $400,000 her way the first month SarahPAC went online.

Poor Little Kathleen: I doubt many successful, professional men in the DC area would take her out for lunch unless it was Dutch. Don’t keep letting your envy slip show, Kathleen. It’s unladylike. People from Wasilla, AK could probably explain that to you in simple terms that even you could comprehend.

As a public speaker, Palin will be golden. Other rumors circulating suggest a television show, a possible newspaper column (but remember, Palin hates the mainstream media), and fundraising gigs where the erstwhile vice presidential candidate can retain her hot spot on center stage.

And that hot spot on the center stage is what you feel the worst about, Kathleen. Just fess up and admit. Don’t let that bitterness inside curdle you, Kathleen. It the sort of thing that made Michael Douglas take a long walk away from your older facsimile at the New York Times.

Kathleen Parker envies everything that Sarah Palin has become. Driven by this burning envy, she beclowns herself. This looks even more pathetic than the sycophantic manner in which she periodically humps President Obama’s leg.

With all that having been said, I’ve enjoyed my temper-tantrum and will leave Kathleen Parker to stew in her own acrid juices. She truly ranks as food for the turkey-buzzards. Cleaning up after the likes of Kathleen Parker befits their ecological niche.

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