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Saab 92 prototype – Manufactured in 1947

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Saab 92B – Manufactured in 1953

Quiz: weird and wonderful words

Adam Jacot de Boinod, a former researcher on QI and author of The Meaning of Tingo, trawled the English language until he was deepooperit (worn out) for exotic specimens of words for his new book, The Wonder of Whiffling, published today by Particular Books. Test your knowledge of the extraordinariness of English with our quiz, drawn from his book

  1. What does broggle – coined in 1653 – mean?
    1. To fish, especially for eels, by thrusting a sharp, baited stick into holes in the river bed
    2. To make the first tentative advances towards courting
    3. The bulge of male genitals through trousers
    4. To spend one’s money before it is earned
  2. What is the job of a fottie?
    1. Officer appointed to keep the walls of a city in repair
    2. Searches sewers for rats
    3. Female wool-gatherer
    4. Male servant of a prostitute
  3. How was a pimple referred to in Tudor-Stuart days?
    1. A turkey egg
    2. A push
    3. A zit
    4. A yellow-top
  4. What are you doing if you are snoaching (coined in 1387)?
    1. Whipping a numbed limb with nettles to restore its feeling
    2. Shouting with your mouth wide open
    3. Impersonating an ox
    4. Speaking through your nose
  5. What is a clitherer?
    1. A woman with too much to say
    2. A polite, effeminate man
    3. An older woman on the prowl
    4. A good-looking man who works as a decoy for burglars by charming the housemaid
  6. What 15th-century term means a hornless cow – and thus, a fool?
    1. Jobbernowl
    2. Slubberdegullion
    3. Goostrumnoodle
    4. Doddypoll
  7. What might you be doing if you were snirtling?
    1. Spying on colleagues
    2. Laughing in a restrained manner
    3. Crying in a whimpering fashion
    4. Doing trivial work to convince people you’re busy
  8. How would you have been described in the 16th century if you were a dandy?
    1. A prick-me-dainty
    2. A sashmaree
    3. A hinchinarfer
    4. A galligaskins
  9. What is blepharospasm?
    1. A headache which covers the entire head like a helmet
    2. The act of spattering someone with saliva
    3. A slight cough
    4. Uncontrollable winking
  10. What might you have been doing in the 16th century if you “felt as if a cat had kitten’d in one’s mouth”?
    1. Drinking too much
    2. Eating rotten food
    3. Smoking a bad pipe
    4. Brawling

Answers Below


Saab Sonett – Manufactured in 1956

Now we understand why President Bush would not meet with Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero?

Family photos raise controversy Zapatero


(English Translation)

Madrid, 25 de Septiembre.- Spanish media release today criticized alleged censoring the photo would have been president of government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and his family after being removed from the website of the U.S. Department of State.

The photo shows the Spanish president, his wife Sonsoles, his daughters Laura and Alba, accompanied by the U.S. President, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

The image was released yesterday by the Department of State United States to give an account of the event offered by the American commander in the Metropolitan in New York, but was later withdrawn at the request of the Spanish government.

Spanish media on Friday claimed that it was an act of censorship, although that could publish their faces blotted out of the president’s teenage children, practice regular press in this European country.

El diario El Mundo said other photographs that appear adolescents Laura and Alba in the stands from the Chamber of United Nations, following the holdings of the speakers at the General Assembly, were also without being distributed.

The controversy occurs in the first international trip that Zapatero has his entire family, a decision that has been widely reported in print and radio, which they consider to be separated the public from private.


Saab 95 – Manufactured in 1960

How New York City’s Charter Schools Affect Achievement

Do Charters ‘Cream’ the Best?

A new study finds breakthrough evidence.

‘Creaming” is the word critics of charter schools think ends the debate over education choice. The charge has long been that charters get better results by cherry-picking the best students from standard public schools. Caroline Hoxby, a Stanford economist, found a way to reliably examine this alleged bias, and the results are breakthrough news for charter advocates.

Her new study, “How New York City’s Charter Schools Affect Achievement,” shows that charter students, typically from more disadvantaged families in places like Harlem, perform almost as well as students in affluent suburbs like Scarsdale. Because there are more applicants than spaces, New York admits charter students with a lottery system. The study nullifies any self-selection bias by comparing students who attend charters only with those who applied for admission through the lottery, but did not get in. “Lottery-based studies,” notes Ms. Hoxby, “are scientific and more reliable.”

According to the study, the most comprehensive of its kind to date, New York charter applicants are more likely than the average New York family to be black, poor and living in homes with adults who possess fewer education credentials. But positive results already begin to emerge by the third grade: The average charter student is scoring 5.8 points higher than his lotteried-out peers in math and 5.3 points higher in English. In grades four through eight, the charter student jumps ahead by 5 more points each year in math and 3.6 points each year in English.

Charter students are also shrinking the learning gap between low-income minorities and more affluent whites. “On average,” the report concludes, “a student who attended a charter school for all of the grades kindergarten through eight would close about 86% of the ‘Scarsdale-Harlem achievement gap’ in math and 66% of the achievement gap in English.”…]

Source:  The Real World (h/t: Maggie’s Farm)


Saab 96 – Manufactured in 1968

Living with Borderline and Narcissistic Women

Maggie’s Farm, Posted by Dr. Joy Bliss

Rescuing types, and loyal, good-hearted – if somewhat tolerant and often obsessional Boy Scout types of guys are often attracted to Borderline and Narcissistic women. These gals are often sexy, smart, exciting and romantic, and will idealize a fellow – until they don’t anymore. That’s when the s hits the f, and their hero begins to look like either a monster or a poisonous worm to them.

They split, project, and externalize in order to maintain some sort of acceptable and coherent sense of themselves. Broken and destructive people with lots of anger, through no fault of their own. Bad genes, bad life, bad luck, or whatever.

From Dr. Helen’s post, her excellent interview with the author of Walking on Eggshells: Advice on how to cope with the Borderline in your life.

One of the most common consultations I see with men is about marriages with women with significant personality disorders. My usual first impulse is to say “Save yourself.” My second is to want them to not take any sh-t from them. Then things get more complicated – especially when there are young kids.

My general advice to young men: Feel free to date them, but do not marry a Borderline or pathologically Narcissistic woman, unless you plan on its being only a temporary connection, because they will crush you and your spirit (unless they get good help – and learn to love instead of to idealize and split, destroy, and hate. It is tough, though, for anybody to acknowledge their grievous flaws)…]


Saab 99, interior – Manufactured in 1969

All About Obama

Washington Post – By Michael Gerson

I’ve refrained from commenting on President Obama’s address to the United Nations General Assembly because the speech made me angry. And most postings — or letters, or e-mails — written while angry are better discarded or deleted.

But this address grows more disturbing on further reading. Some major presidential speeches deserve to be remembered, quoted and celebrated. Some deserve to be forgotten. A few deserve to be remembered and criticized, because they dishonor the history of presidential rhetoric.

Obama’s rhetorical method in international contexts — given supreme expression at the United Nations this week — is a moral dialectic. The thesis: pre-Obama America is a nation of many flaws and failures. The antithesis: The world responds with understandable but misguided prejudice. The synthesis: Me. Me, at all costs; me, in spite of all terrors; me, however long and hard the road may be. How great a world we all should see, if only all were more like…me.

On several occasions, Obama attacked American conduct in simplistic caricatures a European diplomat might employ or applaud. He accused America of acing “unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others” — a slander against every American ally who has made sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan. He argued that, “America has too often been selective in its promotion of democracy” — which is hardly a challenge for the Obama administration, which has yet to make a priority of promoting democracy or human rights anywhere in the world.

The world, of course, has its problems, too. It has accepted “misperceptions and misinformation.” It can be guilty of a “reflexive anti-Americanism.” “Those who used to chastise America for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for America to solve the world’s problems alone.” Translation: I know you adore me because I am better than America’s flawed past. But don’t just stand there loving me, do something.

I can recall no other major American speech in which the narcissism of a leader has been quite so pronounced. It might be compared to Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s “I shall return” — which made it sound like MacArthur intended to reconquer the Philippines single-handedly. But MacArthur, at least, imagined himself as embodying his country, not transcending it. He did not assert that while the Japanese invasion was certainly excessive, America had been guilty of provocations of its own — and now, in the MacArthur era, things would be finally different.

Twice in his United Nations speech, Obama dares to quote Franklin Roosevelt. I have read quite a bit of Roosevelt’s rhetoric. It is impossible to imagine him, under any circumstances, unfairly criticizing his own country in an international forum in order to make himself look better in comparison. He would have considered such a rhetorical strategy shameful — as indeed it is.

At the United Nations, Obama set out to denigrate American goodness so he can become our rescuer. The speech had nothing to do with the confident style of Democratic rhetoric found in Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy. It insulted that tradition. And no one is likely ever to quote the speech — except to deride it.


Saab 99 – Manufactured in 1972


The Big Islamic Fizzle Event Shunned by CAIR: By

The organizers of the event proclaimed: “Our time has come!”

Well, their time has come and gone and the gala celebration on the National Mall turned out to be an embarrassing fizzle.

Hassen Abdallah, one of the key planners of “the Day of Islamic Unity,” proclaimed that over 50,000 Muslims would make their way to DC for the event.

Five hundred buses were secured to transport Muslims throughout the country to the National Mall so that their prayers to Allah would resonate throughout the Lincoln and Washington memorials and the joint halls of Congress.

But less than 3,000 showed up for the gala and the prayers of the Islamists failed to echo past the scattered concession stands.

“I came here for nothing,” one concessionaire selling halal food said…]


Saab Sonett III – Manufactured in 1974

Quiz Answers : Weird and Wonderful Words

1. What does broggle – coined in 1653 – mean? Correct answer: To fish, especially for eels, by thrusting a sharp, baited stick into holes in the river bed

2. What is the job of a fottie? Correct answer: Female wool-gatherer

3. How was a pimple referred to in Tudor-Stuart days?  Correct answer: A push

4. What are you doing if you are snoaching (coined in 1387)?  Correct answer: Speaking through your nose

5. What is a clitherer?  Correct answer: A woman with too much to say

6. What 15th-century term means a hornless cow – and thus, a fool?  Correct answer: Doddypoll

7. What might you be doing if you were snirtling? Correct answer: Laughing in a restrained manner

8. How would you have been described in the 16th century if you were a dandy?  Correct answer: A prick-me-dainty

9. What is blepharospasm? Correct answer: Uncontrollable winking

10. What might you have been doing in the 16th century if you “felt as if a cat had kitten’d in one’s mouth”? Correct answer: Drinking too much


Saab 900 Convertible – Manufactured in 1992

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Saab 9-5 Sport Combi – Manufactured in 2004