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Beware of the Republican Establishment

Human Events:  by  Bay Buchanan 10/06/2009

Between the town hall meetings and the tea party rallies, millions of Americans are taking to the streets to protest a government gone berserk. They are angry and determined to take their country back.  But there are snakes in the grass intent on using this movement to return to power, not the people, but the Republican establishment. If this happens we lose everything, including our country.

To succeed, the rebellion must produce candidates with fresh faces–populists who share our outrage for the arrogance of Washington, individuals who will fight for American workers and American families.  We need primaries to nominate candidates that aren’t owned by party leaders, powerful special interests, nor Corporate America.

Last year, seventy-five percent of Americans believed the country was headed in the wrong direction and they threw out the bums — Republican bums. Obama and his comrades misinterpreted the victory, believing it was all about them, and proceeded to impose a big government leftist agenda on a conservative nation.  Now voters are ready to throw out this new set of bums.

Enter the Republican establishment.  They sold this country out when they were in power and can’t ever be trusted again.  But they see an opening and are setting the stage for their own return. They are handpicking candidates — Bush-likes and Bush-lites — to run against conservatives in primaries. Many are retreads, all are available for purchase. Then the party elite endorses their candidate early in the primary, fills their coffers with millions from corporate PACs and special interests, pressures party regulars to get in line, and sends word to the grassroots candidates: “Drop out — you can’t win”.

Their game plan: shut out the conservative populists.  But if candidates running for office because of love of country are marginalized by the party elite, in favor of career politicians beholden to party leaders, we are lost — and so is America.

Look at the Senate races. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), led by Sen. John Cornyn, has already endorsed in half a dozen Republican primaries, with more to come. Solid conservatives with great credentials — new faces, future leaders, threats to the party elite — were already announced candidates in many of these races. But Cornyn and his cronies aren’t about to let the rank and file choose the candidates — too risky. A man of the people might slip through and too many of them could lead to government by the people.

In Florida, the NRSC endorsed Gov. Charlie Crist, an Arlen Specter Republican, who is running against a young conservative Cuban-American Marco Rubio.  Rubio was a long shot but the NRSC endorsement so outraged conservatives nationwide it breathed new life into his campaign.

In Colorado, District Attorney Ken Buck, a tough prosecutor of illegal aliens, was gaining traction in his campaign for U.S. Senate.  Enter John McCain.  He calls Jane Norton, former Lt Governor and state chairman of his presidential bid, and convinces her to run against Buck, promising the NRSC endorsement, plenty of money, and a lock on the nomination.  Le Moine Dowd, a grassroots activist, summed it up perfectly:  “Do we want the NRSC deciding our candidate?  Does this action by the NRSC make the primary election irrelevant?  Does it make the Colorado Republican Party irrelevant?”

In Ohio, Rob Portman, a former pro-amnesty congressman and Bush trade rep, announced his bid for the U.S. Senate earlier this year.  Then Tom Ganley, a conservative businessman from Cleveland infuriated by the massive uncontrolled spending of Washington, decided to run.  Mortal sin, declared the party, which told this self-made successful businessman to get out of the race, that “the U.S. Senate isn’t an entry level position.” The NRSC endorsed Portman and are in full campaign mode.  (Do these nitwits really think one of the architects of the Bush policy that sent our jobs overseas is going to win the general election in a state with 11% unemployment?)

This same scenario is being repeated in a dozen other states.  The political bosses are adamant that our candidates look and talk like them — the kind that will get in line behind them.  Leaders that rise up out of the rebellion and run for office will be a problem for them.  So the snakes are out to stop them.

The rebellion must start to focus on producing candidates that will do represent the American people in Washington — then we must rally behind them and defeat the establishment candidates in the primaries. If that doesn’t work, we must field candidates to run as independents in the general. The country is too important to let the establishment of either party continue to have their way with her.


Source:  WSJ (Tea-Party Activists Complicate Republican Comeback Strategy)

ACORN’s GOP Supporters

by Capitol Confidential

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava is not your typical Republican candidate. Running in a special election in upstate New York for the seat of departing Congressman John McHugh, she has, naturally, picked up the support of state and national Republican party officials. She has secured the full support of the National Republican Congressional Committee and that of its chairman, Texas Rep. Pete Sessions.

But, she has also picked up the support of the DailyKos, not a traditionally deep well of support for Republicans. Oh, and ACORN’s Working Families Party. Below is a memo Big Government obtained circulating among leaders of the conservative movement. It is from New York State Conservative Party Chair, Mike Long:


Donors to the Republican National Congressional Committee have a right to expect their support will help candidates who are broadly in accord with the Republican Party’s fundamental principles.

There is little doubt, in these lean times, Americans who make contributions to the NRCC would be shocked to learn their dollars are actually supporting the campaign of an unrepentant liberal who opposes the central achievements of today’s Republican Congressional delegation.

Yet that is exactly to sad a state of affairs we now confront.  The NRCC is using the contributions of loyal Republicans across the country to fund the Congressional bid of Liberal New York State Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava.

Assemblywoman Scozzafava supports the Obama tax-and-spend Stimulus Package – – the same package the Republicans now in Congress unanimously rejected.  She defends the kind of earmarked pork-barrel spending that cost Republicans so much credibility in the last election.  She supports Big Labor’s card check attack on the secret ballot.  And she twice voted to legalize gay marriage.

Assemblywoman Scozzafava wasn’t picked by the voters.  Party bosses selected her, reportedly with the guidance and direction of the NRCC.

So, what is at stake here is more than the risk of electing yet another Arlen Specter-style liberal Republican.  This is a battle about the soul and future of the Republican Party.

Some think the way to win elections is to mimic the Democrats, to offer the voters “liberal-lite” in hopes of finding accommodation with the Democrats and success at the polls.

The NRCC’s support for liberal Assemblywoman Scozzafava is a disturbing indication that the NRCC is test marketing a campaign message blurring the differences between the parties instead of principled opposition to the liberal Democrats’ agenda.

The “me-to” approach is both sure to fail politically and deeply dishonest to the NRCC’s core financial supporters.  The donors who sacrifice to write checks to the NRCC don’t expect their efforts to be diverted to liberals like Assemblywoman Scozzafava.

Accordingly, while we are all friends of the NRCC, we reluctantly call for a moratorium on any financial contributions to the NRCC until that organization ceases support for Assemblywoman Scozzafava and clarifies its plans for candidate recruitment and support going forward.

There are great opportunities ahead for the Republicans in Congress.  Those opportunities cannot be squandered by political miscalculations and a lack of faith in the central values of the Republican Party.


Mike Long

Chairman, New York State Conservative Party

It isn’t mentioned in the memo, but Scozzafava has run for the state Assembly repeatedly with the endorsement of ACORN’s Working Families Party. The WFP was formed for the express purpose of pushing the Democratic party to the left. The principle-bending gymnastics involved for a Republican to seek out their endorsement are positively mind-boggling.

Count us as big believers in the “big tent’ theory of political parties. No matter how large you want to build your tent, though, it still has to be built on a solid foundation. You’d think Republicans could agree that ACORN’s Working Families party–based on what we know right now–wouldn’t have a place there.

Those of you who think a GOP return to the majority in 2010 will right what ails us should keep this in mind.

Southern Avenger – The Republican Party Can Go To Hell!

The Seduction Of Lindsey Graham

American Thinker: By Nancy Morgan

According to most conservatives in South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has officially gone over to the dark side. Under the guise of ‘bipartisanship,’ Graham has signed on to one of the left’s most ambitious plans to impose a socialist agenda in America – government control of the formerly free market through implementation of cap-and trade, the 1,400 plus page Waxman-Markey bill approved earlier this year by the House.

The main (scientifically unproven) premise of cap and trade is that the earth is melting and government must step in to save the world. Of course, it will be expensive, but hey, this is Mother Earth we’re talking about. And its urgent and essential that the government immediately establish a $700 billion “market” for business to buy and sell “steadily declining number of permits for creating carbon emissions.”

In a New York Times Op-Ed Graham co-authored with Sen. John Kerry cutely entitled ‘Yes We Can’ (get it?) Sen. Graham states “..we agree that climate change is real and threatens our economy and national security.” Huh?

Conservatives disagree. Conservatives, real conservatives, believe the fact based studies based on science that stand in direct opposition to the dire reports issued by bureaucrats at the United Nations and embraced as fact by the left.

Conservative think tank, Heritage Foundation, outlines the additional costs that will be imposed on every American families if cap and trade is enacted. Residential electricity costs will zoom up by 90%, nearly 1.9 million jobs will be lost by 2012 overall, and the economy will lose nearly $10 trillion in gross domestic product by 2035. Just what the economy needs, right?

Lindsey Graham was elected to serve as United States Senator in 2002. He was easily re-elected in 2008, largely due to the support of conservatives. Conservatives like founder and past president of the low country’s South Strand Republicans, John Bonsignor. John and his wife campaigned hard for Graham, based on their belief that Graham would govern as a conservative. Meaning, lower taxes and less government.

“Graham is disappointing,” states Bonsignor, “He campaigned as a conservative but his record is moderate left.” When asked if he would vote for Graham now, Bonsignor stated emphatically, “No,” citing Lindsey’s support for Sotomayor, his support for TARP funds, and the final straw, his support for cap and trade.

Sen. Graham’s own website states, “Graham is known as a leader who never abandons his independence or strays from the conservative reform agenda.” This is no longer true.

Graham has been seduced by the left. He has adopted one of their most successful tactics, promising one thing while delivering the quite the opposite. Though it’s impossible to know what is in another man’s heart, actions always speak louder than words. And Graham’s actions clearly show that he has signed on to the leftist agenda. Possibly hoping to earn the coveted ‘maverick’ label and media kudos formerly enjoyed by his good buddy John McCain. But he is doing his own party no good.

Graham has come to exemplify the growing disconnect between conservatives and the Republican Party. He believes he knows best, and if the people that elected him disagree, he tells them to just “chill out,” as he did at a recent townhall meeting in Greenville. The same townhall meeting where one of his constituents called him a traitor.

That townhall received little media attention. What did receive national media coverage was Graham’s recent interview where he attacked Glenn Beck, the left’s favorite target. “Glenn Beck does not represent the thinking of the Republican Party,” Graham stated. How he knows this is a mystery, as he went on to say he never watches the Glenn Beck Show. Go figure.

Graham may be right about one thing: Glenn Beck clearly represents the thinking of conservatives, not the GOP. And Sen. Lindsey Graham is now willingly spouting the talking points of the left and abandoning the conservative principles that got him elected. He has been seduced by the left and his reward is ever more national face time and political influence.

Enjoy the ride, Lindsey. More and more South Carolinians, this author included, are comparing you with our real conservative Senator, Jim DeMint, and you’re coming up way short. Keep in mind that we have long memories while the fawning media currently singing your praises have short ones. Your love affair with the left, whether it be seduction or statutory rape, betrays the conservative principles that you claimed to hold. And we don’t like it one bit.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for She lives in South Carolina.

Charlie Crist’s strong support may have shaky base among GOP

By Adam C. Smith, Times Political Editor, In Print: Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charlie Crist is swimming in campaign money, and polls consistently show him to be among the most popular politicians in America.

But something ominous and unpredictable is brewing in Florida, and a growing number of Republicans are starting to consider the unthinkable: The people’s governor could lose his campaign for U.S. Senate.

“It’s rare that I talk to anyone that’s got a good thing to say about the governor right now. It’s hard to find a real Charlie Crist ally,” said former state Republican chairman Tom Slade. “Charlie Crist is a marvelous politician, but rarely do you use the word statesman with Charlie Crist. That’s his vulnerability, getting branded as another self-centered politician, and he doesn’t have many more opportunities to muff up before that happens.”

It’s a testament to Crist’s remarkable political skill, of course, that the entire world doesn’t view him as politically vulnerable. Consider the climate.

His state is losing population for the first time in 60 years. Unemployment and foreclosures are soaring. Taxes haven’t dropped like a rock as he promised, and Florida remains one hurricane away from bankruptcy. County Republican parties are openly revolting against Crist, while a charismatic young rival, Marco Rubio, is being hailed on the cover of William F. Buckley’s National Review magazine as the future of the GOP.

Yet click on local TV news in most any part of Florida and there’s a smiling Charlie Crist looking as calm and gracious as ever. Hard to imagine anyone could seem more honored and humbled to be serving Floridians.

“To have an opportunity to play a small role in returning this beautiful sea turtle back to the sea is a very special privilege indeed,” Crist, taking a break from a campaign fundraising trip, told a TV reporter in the Keys last week after releasing Margarita, a 278-pound turtle.

Such friendly images — Gov. Charlie with schoolkids, at hospital wards or just looking into a camera tut-tutting proposed power company rate increases — partly explain Crist’s gravity-defying popularity.

• • •

Poll after poll finds beleaguered Florida voters think Crist, 53, is doing a heckuva job. Even as Tallahassee lobbyists loading up his U.S. Senate campaign account quietly dismiss him as an empty suit, Republican activists boo his name, and newspaper opinion writers become increasingly scornful of his leadership.

Simply put, Florida voters trust the governor who strives to avoid antagonizing anyone. The latest poll, from Quinnipiac University in August, found 60 percent of voters approve of his performance, including 66 percent of Republicans, 54 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of independents.

“If Charlie were a sour person, it would be a lot easier for people to put blame on him, but he has this persona built in the gubernatorial campaign and campaigns past where he is such a nice fellow. . . . He’s got that kind of magic,” marveled former state Republican party executive director David Johnson, who worked for Crist’s 2006 gubernatorial rival, Tom Gallagher. “He absolutely disarms even his most ardent opponents. It’s just like what the Democrats tried to figure out in the 1980s — ‘How are we losing to this guy, Ronald Reagan?’ “

But talk to veteran Republican activists across Florida, from local organizers to elite operatives to big money bundlers, and there’s a sense Crist could be in trouble. Probably not, but just maybe.

Money means a lot in a state as vast as Florida, and former state House Speaker Rubio, 38, may not prove viable. But many prominent Republicans see at least the potential for a GOP coup — especially after Crist picked his longtime political adviser, George LeMieux, to complete the unfinished Senate term of Mel Martinez.

“The George LeMieux pick was kind of a trip wheel,” said Slade, the former state Republican chairman. “When the mood begins to swing it doesn’t take it long to build momentum. . . . If Marco can tap into the resources of conservative America, he could be a force far more powerful than Charlie bargained for.”

• • •

The polls don’t show it yet, but warning signs abound for Crist. Local Republican executive committees and clubs in every corner of the state are holding symbolic “straw poll” votes where Rubio doesn’t just beat Crist, but consistently trounces him 8- or 9-to-1.

“I do think Charlie is vulnerable. People are really unhappy in general, but Republicans seem very, very unhappy with Crist,” said state Sen. Paula Dockery, R-Lakeland, recounting that 200 people showed up earlier this month to see Rubio at a Lakeland Republican club meeting that normally would have drawn a few dozen.

“When that was over, I don’t think one person left there planning to vote for Crist,” said Dockery, who is neutral in the Senate primary.

Crist knows he has problems with the Republican base, which is partly why hundreds of party activists have received calls from him recently and solicitations for advice on the Senate appointment. After infuriating conservatives for, among other things, campaigning for President Barack Obama’s stimulus package, Crist more recently has criticized the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, bashed Obama’s health care reform plan as “cockamamy,” backed off his global climate change initiative and stood by his hand-picked state party chairman in attacking Obama’s plans to address schoolkids.

Part of Crist’s political strength, Republican strategists say, is his blank-canvas nature. People project their own leanings on him so that conservatives see a law-and-order fiscal conservative, while moderates and liberals see a pragmatic, common-sense politician. And everybody sees a good guy.

Former Gov. Lawton Chiles used to maintain strong personal favorability ratings even among voters who disapproved of his job performance, recounted Marian Johnson, vice president of political strategy for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Crist has consistently scored well on both counts.

“He really has personified being the people’s governor,” Johnson said. “People don’t look at him as someone to criticize because he’s so likable.”

• • •

The question is what happens to Crist’s popularity when people start paying close attention and if opponents can avoid being drowned out by Crist’s lavishly-funded campaign. A Mason-Dixon poll in June found that while Crist was leading Rubio by nearly 30 points among Republicans, the two were in a dead-heat among those who knew both candidates.

Off-year primaries tend to draw only the most active voters, and right now the most ardent Republican activists in Florida are disgusted with Crist. Only about a million voters are likely to turn out, and if the GOP anger seen at tea parties and health care town halls persists until election day 2010, Crist could have a tougher race than anyone expected.

“We’re seeing very low turnout around the country right now, and if that continues we’re thinking the Republican primaries are going to be dominated by the most conservative and hard-core elements,” said Atlanta-based pollster Matt Towery. “I’m not saying Crist is in deep trouble. What I am saying is it’s not a guarantee for him if Rubio can get some money and the turnout is low enough.”

Rubio is hitting every Republican club gathering and tea party protest he can, repeating his mantra that he needs only about 600,000 votes to win the nomination.

“Can you reach 600,000 votes going to tea parties alone? Of course not,” he says. “But at this point in the campaign that’s all you can do. There does come a point in time where the lights come on and you have to reach a broader audience. . . . The fundamental question is, ‘Will we have enough money to communicate our message?’ If I didn’t think we would have that I wouldn’t be in the race. I think moral victories are overrated.”

You won’t find Crist at those tea parties, but you can find him any day of the week on your local TV station looking like the nicest fellow in Florida.

“Thank you for what you do, and thank you for what your colleagues did on this day, the original Sept. 11,” he said at a St. Petersburg fire station Friday as the cameras rolled. “All of Florida is grateful and all of America.”

A few hours later Crist headed into another campaign fundraiser.


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