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Sul Ross State is Hoss Cartwright’s Alma Mater

Antique Guns Stolen 12/15/09

CBS 7 (Your Eye On West Texas) – By Jay Hendricks

(Alpine)- Sul Ross State University Public Safety officers have released details on two antique guns stolen from the Museum of the Big Bend.

Two 1800’S long arm rifles were taken in a theft that was reported last Friday at the school’s museum.

One is a Parker Brothers double barrel shotgun made in 1875, and a Whitney Arms 44-caliber made in 1886.

Both are considered rare, and officials have contacted arms dealers to be on the lookout.

Odessa Police are also helping with evidence collected from the scene.

If you have any information, contact Sul Ross UDPS or Crimerstoppers.

Guns soon could be checked in on Amtrak

Washington Times – By S.A. Miller

Gun-toting Amtrak passengers are one giant step closer to being allowed to travel with firearms in their checked luggage, as lawmakers included a measure to lift a railroad gun ban in a catch-all spending bill for fiscal 2010.

The omnibus spending bill, which combines six annual appropriations bills for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1, is considered must-pass legislation, and that makes the new Amtrak gun rule as close to a sure bet as there is on Capitol Hill.

Travelers with firearms have long faced disparate treatment on trains and airplanes. Airline passengers can transport firearms in checked baggage, but Amtrak currently prohibits guns anywhere on its trains.

This is an important victory for sportsmen and gun owners across the country, and it affirms congressional support of the Second Amendment, said Sen. Roger Wicker, Mississippi Republican, whose earlier efforts to lift the Amtrak gun ban paved the way for the measure’s inclusion in the year-end spending bill.

Airline passengers in our country are allowed to transport firearms in secure, checked baggage when declared during the check-in process,” Mr. Wicker said. “Law-abiding gun owners who choose to travel on Americas taxpayer-subsidized rail line should be given the same right.

Under the new law, firearms on trains would be treated similarly to those stored on airplanes.

Passengers would have to declare to Amtrak within 24 hours of departure that the unloaded firearm will be placed in luggage to be stored in the baggage car. The firearm must be carried in a locked, hard-sided container for which only the passenger has the combination or the key.

The House is expected to take up the spending bill as soon as this week, with Senate action soon to follow.

Why Do Rappers Hold Their Guns Sideways?Because it looks so Hollywood.

Slate – By Brian Palmer

As police chased Raymond “Ready” Martinez through Times Square on Thursday, the street hustler and aspiring rapper fired two shots, holding the gun sideways “like a character out of a rap video.” According to the New York Post, Martinez’s side grip caused the gun to jam, enabling police to shoot and kill the suspect. What’s the point of holding a gun sideways?

To look Hollywood, of course. Journalists and gun experts point to the 1993 Hughes brothers film Menace II Society, which depicts the side grip in its opening scene, as the movie that popularized the style. Although the directors claim to have witnessed a side grip robbery in Detroit in 1987, there are few reports of street gangs using the technique until after the movie came out. The Hughes brothers didn’t invent the grip, though. In 1961’s One-Eyed Jacks, Marlon Brando used it, as did Eli Wallach in 1966’s The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Directors may prefer the style because it makes it easier to see both the weapon and the actor’s face in a tight camera shot.

While the New York Post reported that Martinez’s side grip caused the gun to “stovepipe“—that’s when the spent casing gets caught in the ejection port, jamming the weapon—it’s unlikely that the horizontal orientation caused the failure. In theory, tilting a gun sideways—90-degrees counter-clockwise for a right-handed shooter—means that gravity works against the ejection of the spent casing. As a practical matter, however, gravity is so weak compared to the force of the ejection that jamming is no more frequent in the sideways position than in the customary one. The more likely cause of the jam was Martinez’s choice of weapon and ammunition. The MAC-10 is prone to stovepiping—a problem that’s exacerbated by the use of hollow-point bullets, which may become deformed and scrape the inside of the barrel, or underpowered ammunition, which can slow the slide and throw off the mechanism’s timing.


While the side grip does not increase the risk of stovepiping, it is terrible for aim. It’s extremely difficult to properly use the top-mounted sight on a handgun that is turned sideways. Not that this matters much to the average street criminal. According to an FBI study, 60 percent of them don’t even use the sight. Aiming a gun sideways has long been shorthand for risky, indiscriminate shooting. The title character in George Washington Cable’s 1894 novel John March, Southerner, exclaims, “No man shall come around here aiming his gun sideways; endangering the throngs of casual bystanders!”

During the first half of the 20th century, soldiers used the side grip for the express purpose of endangering throngs of people. Some automatic weapons from this era—like the Mauser C96 or the grease gun—fired so quickly or with such dramatic recoil that soldiers found it impossible to aim anything but the first shot. Soldiers began tilting the weapons, so that the recoil sent the gun reeling in a horizontal rather than vertical arc, enabling them to spray bullets into an onrushing enemy battalion instead of over their heads.

Nowadays, the only time professionals use the side grip is while holding riot shields, which limit their field of vision. Turning the gun and raising it up make the sight slightly more visible.

Explainer thanks Steve Howard of American Firearms & Munitions Consulting, Karl Rehn of KR Training, and Phil Spangenberger of True West Magazine.

Woman Shoots Intruder Dead

Law allows fatal shot, Lincoln County official says

Perhaps Another Lesson Learned

Taurus Armed – By lgjhn

Today, I’m at the diesel pump at a local gas station.  The place is really busy and cars waiting for other cars to leave so they can get gas.  It takes awhile to put 30 gallons of diesel in my truck and its a bitter cold day for these parts. I see an elderly lady and a young boy about 10 years old over on the other side of the apron with the hood up and she is on the cell phone.  Pretty soon, another car drives up and its another older lady and she gets out with some jumper cables.  Neither of them have a clue what to do.  So the lady sends the boy over to the car fueling up behind me and asks this guy if he will help them jump start the car.

He cusses the boy out really, really nasty to the point where the kid is almost crying.  I say nothing, finish up my business and then swing my truck around to the other side of the apron where the ladies are at and ask if they need some help which the quickly accepted.  Just before getting out of my truck, I felt the need to slip my Model 85 into the pocket of my heavy Car-hart coat. It usually resides in the driver’s side door panel.  About the time, I get my hood up, the guy that cussed out the little kid starts walking over and cussing out the women big time….and me!!!  For no reason other than the kid asked him to assist. I ignore him and try to get the jumper cables onto the battery, but now he’s almost half way to us, loud and really threatening….BIG TIME!!  I’m not believing this is happening.

He’s probably in his mid 20s and I’m 59.  I said, “man, look, they meant no harm. They just wanted some help.  If you’re not gonna help, why don’t you just leave us alone?” Well, that made him become totally unglued and started mumbling about his manhood being insulted and threatening to whip my butt etc. and this guy is really LOUD.  By now, there is a crowd of people watching but no one is doing anything to assist.  He starts moving towards me and I tell him: “Stop. Do not come any closer.”  My hand is inside my coat as I really don’t want to brandish a gun with so many folks standing there, my finger is on the trigger ready to shoot and the Taurus .38 is pointed almost point blank right at his guts.

He apparently notices the faint print of the gun barrel thru the coat aimed right at him and stops, but he just keeps on cussing like a pirate.  Someone must have dialed 911 because about that time, here comes two deputy sheriff cars (and am I REALLY glad to see em).  Two LEOs go to over to him and one comes over to where I am with the ladies and the little boy.  Mr. Cuss tells them I was yelling and threatening his “manhood”!!!!! The old ladies avouch for me as do a couple of other bystanders who have been there the whole time.  The LEO asks me for identification and I hand him both my driver’s license and conceal carry permit as required by law.

He asks me if I’m armed and I answered: “Yes sir.  There is a loaded .38 snub in my left coat pocket.”  He frisks and disarms me.  He pulls the gun out, unloads it (the old ladies like to faint at the sight of it) and takes my IDs, gun and ammo to his unit to call it all in.  Mr. Cuss, meanwhile, is getting lectured on proper public manners but the do NOT arrest him!!  He gets in his car and leaves.  Now, all 3 LEOs are back over to us.  The ladies once again rehash the story and cannot believe they let him go.  The LEO hands me my IDs, unloaded gun and ammo and tells me to put it away and have a “nice day”.

I do as told and finish jumping off the elderly lady’s car and she thanks me up and down offering to pay me as if I just saved her life.  The whole thing happened in about 10 minutes time. I really, really didn’t want to shoot his guy in a crowded and busy area like that, To answer the question: yes, IF he had come just one step closer, he would have been close enough to do me bodily harm and I was prepared to unleash at least 3 rounds right to his guts.

This was what I would call a really close one and I’m glad it went down the way it did.  I tried to keep a cool head, stayed calm and didn’t let all his cursing and cussing get the better of me.  However, my mind was made up that he was NOT going to beat on me or those elderly ladies…nope, no way.  I’m glad the LEOs showed up when they did and defused the whole thing in a manner of minutes.  It just goes to show you how quick it can happen and just how fast it could easily get out of hand.

Oh yeah, after I drove away and had a few minutes to think about what just happened and how close I was to actually shooting a person, I started shaking to the point I had to pull the truck over for few minutes to regain my composure…. It was weird to get shaking scared like that way after the event was over. Adrenalin, I guess.

America in Arms: The family that shoots together stays together

20 Minuntos (English Translation)

In the recently published book, Sarah Palin does not deny his passion for hunting. On the contrary, breast removed and she boasts: “There is plenty of room for all animals in Alaska – writes with astounding irony – along with a side of potatoes.”

While 52% of Americans disapprove of Palin, support those who do do this very passionate and determined which they consider most representative of that white America, loving arms, evangelical, anti-abortion, creationist and reborn, as opposed the Ivy League snobs and millionaires on Wall Street, which has the curious ability of geography to locate not know any outside the U.S., it is believed named to lead the world, whether by force things manifest destiny … . A representation that, unlike other conservatives, Palin made without reservations or nuances.

I must confess that I feel the same quasi-anthropological fascination – the copy of National Geographic that of “national” would have any meaning – in this segment of the U.S. population that the tribes of the Indian state of Orissa and the southern Dinka Sudan. Fascination that leads me to regularly visit websites such as Life, Liberty, Etc., whose motto is “pro-gun Things to pro-gun people.”

The latest offer from Life, Liberty, Etc., with 20% discount on Thanksgiving, was the shirt emblazoned with the word “infidel” in English and Arabic. As the legend of the announcement: “Do it official. Anyway you already believe you.”

It succeeds only in the clarity of the message, absent from complex admitting when we are at war against Muslims around the world – 20 years ago the stars of the shirts were the Soviets – but in the photos of the voluptuous ladies who illustrate: blondes, brunettes, wearing the shirt, wielding guns threatening. The only thing that breaks the sequence is the final photo of the fat that appears in the garden of his house with his thumb up and a M-16 on the other hand, and that by its recurrence in other images it appears that is the proud owner of Shop online.

The book section is not wasted. Clearly the author did an extraordinary intellectual effort when searching title for his famous trilogy, which might call for harmony, the absence of fear and fraternal enemies domestic and foreign enemies domestic and foreign enemies.

But I must confess that my favorite work of the library’s Armed America, whose author, Kyle Cassidy, spent two years touring the U.S. to portray gun owners families.

Some pictures of the book are those that illustrate this post. Images that account again from a lack of complexes that must be filled with pride to the very Sarah Palin and that at least remember who wrote these words in aesthetics and philosophy to Israeli settlers in the West Bank met with their families, their weapons, their holy books and their destination, guided by God (the big difference is that the Palestinians are proving more difficult to eradicate from their ancestral lands to the unsuspecting Comanche, Cheyenne and Sioux, those terrorists prairie aboriginal American).

My favorite is the second of the series, which, inspired by the ingenuity of the author of the trilogy Enemies, I baptized: “Do your homework or else”. As argued by the traditional conservative said: The family that shoots together stays together. Or was it?

Judge Issues Order in MARTA Case

December 15th, 2009

A federal district judge in Atlanta has ruled that MARTA had probable cause to stop GCO member Christopher Raissi when Raissi was seen carrying a firearm at a MARTA train station. The court ruled that Raissi presented all the elements of both carrying a concealed weapon and boarding a train with a firearm. The court also ruled that it did not have jurisdiction to hear the state open records act claims, but ruled that some defendants (he could not tell which) were liable for Privacy Act violations. The case will go to trial on the Privacy Act claims to determine who is liable and what the damages and other remedies will be. The documents in the case may be viewed here.

Marta crime rate falls in wake of gun law

Examiner – Ed Stone

Today the Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner brings you a story you are not going to see anywhere else.

The Georgia General Assembly passed HB 89 in 2008, which made criminal prohibitions on carrying firearms on public transportation, in restaurants that serve alcohol, in state parks, and in wildlife management areas inapplicable to Georgians possessing a firearms license.  HB 89 took effect on July 1, 2008, and many predicted mass bloodshed as a result.  Nowhere was the controversy so acute as the city of Atlanta and its public transportation system.

The city of Atlanta immediately declared the airport off limits to firearms, and won a lawsuit filed by GeorgiaCarry.Org seeking to enjoin arrests of people with firearms licenses at the Atlanta airport.  The other hot button issue was the carry of firearms on the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit system, known affectionately to Atlantans by the acronym MARTA.  People predicted shootouts on the trains and busses, and both the city of Atlanta and MARTA officials lobbied strenuously against the bill.

MARTA bus drivers gathered more than 1,000 signatures on a petition to have bullet proof shields installed, as if Georgia firearms licensees had just been waiting for the new law to pass so that they could shoot a bus driver. “We don’t want cameras. Cameras don’t save people’s lives. … We want something that gives us a fighting chance,” said Terry Jackson, the MARTA driver who started the petition.  Beverly Scott, MARTA’s general manager, called the bill “vigilantism.”

Atlanta’s mayor went so far as to declare, “The presumption needs to be, in order to have a safe city, that there are no concealed weapons.”

MARTA Office of Government and Community Relations employee Rhonda Briggins issued a widely distributed “Call to Action!” alert calling the gun bill “a recipe for disaster.”

So at the end of 2009, it is worth a look to see what actually happened to crime rates on MARTA.  Since July of 2008, there have been no news stories of blazing gun battles on MARTA, which would surely have been newsworthy events.  That leaves interested researchers with the publicly available crime rates, and they tell a story at odds with the hysterical predictions of 2008.

Murders drop to zero

In 2007, MARTA had two murders occur on its property.  In 2008, the year the new law took effect and  peaceable citizens began lawfully carrying firearms on MARTA trains and busses, the number of murders dropped to zero, and there has not been a murder reported on the system since.

Robbery rate drops

The murder rate was not the only category of violent crime to go down in the wake of the new gun law.  There were 94 robberies on the MARTA system in 2007.  In 2008, the year the new law took effect, the number of robberies dropped to 71, and in 2009, it has dropped again to 67 (although we still have two weeks to go).

Overall rate lower

The overall rate per number of riders has also dropped since the new law took effect.

Part I Crime Rate per 1,000,000 Riders

PER 1,000 RIDERS 3.90% 3.34% 3.35% 3.09%

Not all categories of crime experienced a decrease, however.  Aggravated assaults went up from 2007 to 2008 and remained constant for 2009.  The statistics also reflect one rape in the first quarter of 2009, with none in the previous three years.

You may view the raw numbers for yourself here.

So judge for yourself whether the predictions of massive bloodshed as a result of the new law have come to pass.  Alice Johnson, the leader of Georgians for Gun Safety, a gun control group that lobbied against permitting lawful carry of firearms on MARTA, sent an email in the spring of 2008 claiming,  “Innocent bystanders and law enforcement personnel stand a greater chance of being accidentally shot if more citizens carry concealed weapons in public  . . .” and calling the bill “deadly legislation” that “seriously compromises community safety.”

The MARTA crime numbers speak for themselves.  HB 89 has failed to live up to its reputation as a serious compromiser of community safety.  As the General Assembly takes up new gun bills in 2010, relating to carrying firearms lawfully in other places currently prohibited by law, the public will do well to remember what the opponents of HB 89 said and the actual result.  In spite of the predictions, there have been no reported misuses of a firearm by any of the hundreds of thousands of Georgia firearms license holders on the MARTA system.   In addition, crime rates on MARTA fell after the new law took effect.  It would be nice to interview a few of the opponents of HB 89 now to hear whether their opinions have been modified in the slightest.

For more info: www.GeorgiaCarry.Org

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