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The government wants to re-search the crash site


TVN24 (English Translation)

Ministry of Justice intervened on the personal belongings of victims of the tragedy of Smolensk, which are still at the crash site. Talks with the Russian side in Moscow resident Attorney General Andrew Seremet. – I can not imagine any other reaction than to take immediate action at the crash site – said the TVN24 Minister Krzysztof Kwiatkowski.

Terrifying sight

The Poles, who were at the crash site of the April 10, talk about frightening view that saw. From their accounts, there are still fragments of clothes, shoes, wallets, money, passports and photographs of the victims.

“In memory gave us some salonki”

PiS MP Andrew Dera saw “souvenirs”, which brought participants from Smolensk Polish tour. In an interview with TVN 24 reported on a meeting with one of them, whom he met in the morning by the Diet, in the vicinity of Glowno.

– Mr Janusz brought the thing that knocked us: a plastic bag of parts of the plane and souvenirs. – We ask, how is that possible? He says normally, went to this place, and there are Russians with the mesh and can take pieces of the plane. In memory of salonki gave us honor and a fragment of a Polish newspaper that says “match for the soul” – Dera added.

Fragments of the plane and stuff a month before the disaster victims was Polish trip. One of its members told TVN 24, a former Ministry of Justice. – Before the hour. 23 got information from Alberta Waśkiewicza that on May 2 at the crash site was that there are still personal belongings of the victims and pieces of the aircraft – reported Kwiatkowski and assured that the Ministry has taken the intervention in this matter.

Re-search and secure the crash site

– Immediately I informed the Attorney General Andrew Seremeta and Chief Military Prosecutor Colonel. Christopher Parulskiego about this news and asked, in connection with today’s visit to Moscow, to intervene with the Russian side, the re-search and secure the crash site – said Kwiatkowski.

The Minister asserted that after returning from Moscow, the Attorney General will ask him about the effects of the talks with the Russians. – I can not imagine any other reaction than to take immediate action at the crash site. Respect for the relatives of the victims, who must have the full support and be confident that we have done everything to bury their loved ones, require for its action – says Kwiatkowski.

RMF24 (English Translation)

Military prosecutors already have satellite pictures of the presidential Tupolev crash near Smolensk – told a reporter RMF FM Krzysztof principle. Military prosecutors who are investigating the crash, confined itself to stating that it was “very important evidence.”

Investigators have received photos several days ago from U.S. National Security Agency, which, inter alia zawiaduje satellite system of the United States. The proposal in this regard by the Ministry of Defence. Materials are examined by our investigators, but does not give you any, even the general answers to questions about what the camera recorded the American satellites.

The Polish authorities, which occurred to the Americans asking for pictures, counting on the fact that photographs can help to exclude one of the texts adopted by the investigators of a possible terrorist attack. They can also help answer the question whether, in the moment of impact with the ground plane explosion occurred or whether the machine has been shot down.

If the camera recorded the flight of Tupolev despite dense fog, can also reproduce the precise track approach to land at the airport. Such information would be an excellent addition to the data stored in black boxes.

RMF FM Reporters also learned unofficially that the recorders recording conversations in the cockpit of the presidential Tupolev, is the voice of the person who did not belong to the close of the crew. It might have been the voice of flight attendant or another person with the cabin crew. But we can not exclude the possibility that one of the passengers entered the cockpit before landing.

It is also known that Polish prosecutors have still not received any document from the Russian investigators, of which appeared in legal aid. Also, records of autopsies of the victims are yet in the hands of Russian prosecutors. Investigators are hoping that today begins a visit to Moscow, Attorney General Andrew Seremet accelerate the transfer of the evidence.

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A woman’s voice in the cockpit

FIVE VOICE cockpit Presidential AIRCRAFT

TVN24 (English Translation)

Fifth in the cockpit voice recorded by black boxes and the Presidential Tu-154 belongs to a woman – gives RMF FM. This is a person who was not a close crew. The prosecutor did not disclose to whom the voice.

The cockpit presidential Tupolev were four people: the pilot, copilot, navigator and mechanic. How am informed TVN24 – in flight – there are five people there too. This came to light when examining black boxes Tu-154. For the moment we do not know to whom it belongs. According to unofficial information, it is a woman’s voice. It may be appropriate to the stewardess. Can not be excluded that in the cockpit – before landing – it was one of the passengers.

Prosecution is not yet officially confirmed information about the fifth voice in the cockpit, because in this case was not yet ruled on the Russian side, which examines the case of Presidential plane crash near Smolensk.

Two investigations

Russian prosecutors examine the two black boxes recovered from the crashed Tu-154. It is known that they have registered alarm systems incorporate the pilots in the cockpit, and not just a warning before the low ceiling of the flight.

A separate investigation by the Military District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw – the themes are examined: technical failure of the aircraft, maintenance crews, poor organization and security, and flight “behavior of third parties (eg a terrorist attack, suggestions and expectations of the crew of a particular procedure).

Pilot invited to the cockpit “

Former head of UOP, General Gromosław Czempiński, referring to reports of the fifth voice in the cockpit, he would not speculate as to whom he could belong. He pointed out, however, it usually is, so that when the aircraft are VIPs, one of them asks the crew for the opportunity to see the time off or landing or where such a proposal falls on the part of the pilot.

– This is not a crime – he stressed the former head of UOP. He admitted, however, that it would be strange if such a situation – because of the very difficult weather conditions – there were to be on board the Tu-154.

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Remains of the victims and things rot on the scene near Smolensk

The area where the presidential Tupolev crash occurred, was not adequately protected – believe the PiS MEP Paul Smith and businessman Albert Waśkiewicz who were at the airport in Smolensk. On site you can still find the personal mementos of the dead and fragments of the plane. -take immediate action – says Justice Minister Krzysztof Kwiatkowski.

TOKFM (English Translation)

Waśkiewicz Albert, who a few days ago he went to Smolensk airport, he said in the first Programme of Polish Radio that the place where the plane crashed carrying a couple of presidential and 94 other people, you can still enter without a problem.

He remarked that he found several items belonging to victims of the tragedy. He decided to bring them to show that the area is not adequately protected. Waśkiewicz added that he saw the forest Smolensk Russians, who have the usual commercials gathered various items.

According to the Law and Justice Party MEP Paul Smith, in an atmosphere of agreement between Moscow and Warsaw, avoiding the sensitive issues on the investigation.

Kwiatkowski: It must be as soon as possible to address the issue

Personal intervention in this case the Minister of Justice has Krzysztof Kwiatkowski. Kwiatkowski said the TVN24 that he had received this information from Waśkiewicza, who was present at the scene on May 2. The Minister asked the intervention of the prosecutor and spokesman Andrew Seremeta prosecutor Matthew Martyniuk, because of their today’s visit to Moscow. Kwiatkowski asked the Russian side through diplomatic channels to address the issue. As stressed the need to address as soon as possible – It requires respect for the victims – said the minister.

– I was present at the scene, know what it is land, a wetland. (…) We also know that in recent days but failed to advance a little bit of that site definitely dry and – therefore – it turned out that in those places where the water was probably – that we have a signal – some things remain . This requires a re-search of the area and security by the Russian side – said Kwiatkowski TVN24. Previously, it was said that all the fragments and personal mementos of the victims have been secured.

Tragedy to the security of the Russian side is responsible, which leads all activities related to the investigation.

“There I saw a lack of respect ‘

The issue of securing the presidential plane crash site, in the context of information that is still found there are personal belongings and the remains of the victims, was also questioned on Wednesday, Speaker of the Sejm, the acting president, Bronislaw Komorowski.

– For the moment I have not noticed any signs of any lack of respect on the part of Russia when it comes to the behavior of some attention to some remains of the plane, and others. All this is likely to be collected and analyzed, depending of course on the elements of rank preserved by the committee and the Public Prosecutor’s Office – Komorowski said at a meeting with journalists.

He added that the behavior would suggest moderation in the creation of an atmosphere “surrounding the case. According to him, if found somewhere in a piece or fragment of clothing, it is not yet a big problem. – We must respect this case end, take it and if you can not give to families in other ways, but somehow it respectfully address – said the marshal.

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LB Note: Per

Aml wrote (a): “There’s nothing left at the crash site. Я там был несколько раз. I was there several times.”

Americans enter the Smolensk interrogation!

FAKT (English Translation)

Presidential Disaster Tupolev in Smolensk is the first case of breakdown of machinery equipped with a passenger in the American system of TAWS warning. This system allows you to safely fly the machine in the absence of visibility. Why not help Polish pilots? They explain that the Americans themselves, who entered the investigation

“We work closely with investigators, supporting their efforts to determine the causes of the disaster. Russian, Polish and American aviation authorities are in the process of gathering information, receiving from the Universal Avionics full technical support and access to all data that may help explain why the plane crashed “- a statement of fact that the content received from the manufacturer of TAWS, Universal Avionics business.  The company wants nothing more to reveal, claiming that a secret investigation .

Avoidance System operates on the basis of data from an altimeter, barometer, and GPS and digital maps of the globe. Warns the pilot against obstacles, or how high up the mast, or if you just fly too low.

Hear the alarm and command – by pulling up. The system is installed in airplanes since 1990. Since then, this type of accidents no longer happen. Until April 10, when the Polish plane approached the landing presidential too low and caught in a tree. I did not work Avoidance – Americans want to explain it now.

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