Seal Holding? June 3, 2010 – 10:25 PM EST

UPDATE 10 am EST (JUNE 4, 2010):  Per Adm Mullen: “They are capturing roughly 1000 barrels a day through the pipe right now. They plan on slowly closing the vents and increasing the flow, but they will do it in very small increments.”

This link has several active cameras on one screen…

BP Live feeds from remotely operated vehicles (ROV)

ROV footage – live stream

Live video links from the ROV’s monitoring the damaged riser.

Live feeds from Ocean Intervention III

Live feeds from Viking Poseidon

Live feeds from Boa Deep C

Live feeds from Skandi

Live feeds from Enterprise

ROV 1 (One of the side vents — not the top that they plan to hook up to the surface)

Live feeds from Q4000