Keep U.S. Aircraft Carrier Out of Our Backyard, China Warns

The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition) Daily

A state-run Chinese newspaper on Tuesday criticized the South Korean government for allowing the 97,000-ton aircraft carrier George Washington of the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet to join South Korea-U.S. military training scheduled late this month.

In an editorial, Global News wrote the West Sea “is in proximity to China’s political hub of Beijing and Tianjin. If a U.S. aircraft carrier comes into the West Sea, mainland China falls under the military strategic influence of U.S. military forces. The people of China will not accept South Korea having military demonstration involving a U.S. aircraft carrier.”

It added U.S. forces appear to regard China “as their largest potential enemy, exposing a lack of strategic mutual trust between the U.S. and China. If South Korea wants to develop trust with China, it will have to consider the sentiments of the people of China.”

The paper warned Seoul “will have difficulty taking any kind of step forward on issues concerning the whole Korean Peninsula without China’s understanding and cooperation.” What South Korea needs to do now is not to put pressure on China by frequently involving the U.S. and escalating tensions in Northeast Asia but seek ways to alleviate tensions in the peninsula, it added.

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Military Taps Social Networking Skills


BEALE AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. — As a teenager, Jamie Christopher would tap instant messages to make plans with friends, and later she became a Facebook regular.

Now a freckle-faced 25, a first lieutenant and an intelligence officer here, she is using her social networking skills to hunt insurgents and save American lives in Afghanistan.

Hunched over monitors streaming live video from a drone, Lieutenant Christopher and a team of analysts recently popped in and out of several military chatrooms, reaching out more than 7,000 miles to warn Marines about roadside bombs and to track Taliban gunfire.

“2 poss children in fov,” the team flashed as Marines on the ground lined up an air strike, chat lingo for possible innocents within the drone’s field of view. The strike was aborted.

Another message, referring to a Taliban compound, warned: “fire coming from cmpnd.” The Marines responded by strafing the fighters, killing nine of them…

The effort is a major turnaround for the Air Force, which had been criticized for taking too long to adjust to different types of threats since 9/11. During the cold war, it focused mostly on fixed targets like Soviet bases. But commanders in Afghanistan and Iraq have often complained that it is hard to get help from spy planes before insurgents slipped away.

Marine and Army officers say that that began to change as more planes were sent to Afghanistan in early 2009 and the Air Force got better at blending the various types of intelligence into a fuller picture.

And the new analysts, who were practically weaned on computers and interactive video games, have been crucial.

While Air Force analysts were once backroom technicians, the latest generation works in camouflage uniforms, complete with combat boots, on open floors, with four computer monitors on each desk. Large screens on the walls display the feeds from drones, and coffee and Red Bull help them get through the 12-hour shifts.

The chatrooms are no-frills boxes on a computer screen with lines of rolling text, and crew leaders keep dozens of them open at once. They may look crude compared to Facebook, but Lieutenant Christopher said they were effective in building rapport.

“When it’s not busy, I’ll be like, ‘Hey, how’s your day going?’ ” she said. “It’s not just, ‘What do you need?’ ”

There is also some old-fashioned interaction.

The Air Force, which has 4,000 analysts at bases like this and is hiring 2,100 more, has sent liaisons to Afghanistan to help understand the priorities on the ground. And some analysts pick up the phone to build closer bonds with soldiers they have never seen…

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is certainly ending, but what will it mean for our military efficiency?

Collins Report – By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The fight is over and we have lost. An openly gay military will be protecting us against some of the most dangerous enemies we have ever been threatened by.

To say the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) comes at a terrible time is a genuine understatement. Pushed by a Democrat president controlling a Democrat Congress, the predictable end of DADT is all but here. Homosexuality a lifestyle considered incompatible with the demands of military efficiency will be forcibly added to the problems field commanders already face.

This is a triumph of political correctness over the reality of keeping the nation safe. Blame for the increased danger this new policy will put us in goes to those who voted for Obama and threw out dozens of good House conservatives.

What this will mean

Among the serious problems that will ensue from this new policy are: damage to unit cohesiveness and use of the military as a tool for legitimizing a life style found repugnant for religious and cultural reasons by many of the same families who have sent their young men and women to the military for generations.

A February survey by found 83% trust the military, but just 22% trust the politicians who voted away the stability our war fighters need to complete their mission of protecting us. This change will pervert the reputation of the military as a social institution looked up to by more than 8 in 10 Americans.

Forty percent of both our nation and our military identify as Evangelical Christians. Putting the good order of services in disarray to satisfy the estimated 2% of the military who are homosexuals makes no sense at all.

Any hesitation on the part of Evangelical families to send their sons and daughters to take up arms in our defense will be devastating to the recruitment and retention goals of all branches of our services.

Ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a betrayal of the trust that should and must exist between the nation and those brave men and women who step forward to protect our American freedoms.

Left to make the choice to recognize Gay “marriage” or not. voters in more than 30 states have said “No.” The Left knew winning both the Congress and the White House was its only chance to subvert the implied will of the country by forcing the military, which it controls, to shut up and get in line.

The argument that Gay soldiers have served honorably up to this point without trouble only strengthens the case for maintaining the status quo.

How UAVs Will Change Aviation

Aviation Week By David Esler

Are airplane pilots destined for the same fate as flight navigators and engineers? Will they be replaced by lines of code, electrons and data-linked commands from faceless controllers beyond the horizon?

However unlikely that scenario, the trend is worth noting. As is being demonstrated daily in thousands of operations around the world, the black boxes on a growing number of aircraft are so “smart,” they obviate the need to have a human operator on board to complete a given mission.

Pointing to the hundreds of automated takeoffs and landings performed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) every day, David Vos, senior director, unmanned aerial systems at Rockwell Collins, declared, “It doesn’t matter whether a pilot is on board. Think about that. What does it enable?”

What does it “enable” to have human ability, judgment and experience on board the aircraft anyway? In the age when experience — “best practices,” if you will — can be distilled into software and sensor accuracy can exceed human situational awareness, what need, then, is there for the steady human hand at the helm? When the effect of the experienced hand can be duplicated and the database of experience constantly (and wirelessly) added to?

No One Aboard — Get Used to It

You see where this is leading, right? Because before we yield the cockpit to software and circuitry, we have to yield airspace to the unmanned and autonomously piloted vehicle. This is coming sooner than we want to accept — UAVs operating routinely in civil airspace, at our flight level, and on computer-generated NextGen 4-D ballistic flight plans. And in large numbers.

The U.S. military alone operates thousands of them — and the militaries from France, Israel, England, Russia and elsewhere are also operating UAVs in ever-growing numbers. From the individual 10-person squad up through theater level, every command seems to be cultivating its own UAV for the invaluable “look over the hill” (or hemisphere) it provides.

These unmanned aerial systems (UAS, a more inclusive nomenclature) embrace a mind-boggling diversity of vehicle types and a size spectrum ranging from insect (micro) dimension to something with far more gravitas — indeed, the RQ-4B Global Hawk, Northrop Grumman‘s long-range reconnaissance platform, has a span of 130 feet, or about the same as that of a Boeing 757.

Both the U.S. Air Force and Navy now operate intercontinental variants of the Global Hawk that has flown unrefueled from the U.S. West Coast to Australia. And both services are pursuing visions of very-high-performance, unmanned combat aircraft (UCAV), Boeing‘s Phantom Ray for the Air Force and the X-47B offered to the Navy by Northrop Grumman (and in preparation for carrier trials in 2011) that are formidable in their lethality and potential…]

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Another Phony “Veteran”

FrontPage – Posted by Rich Trzupek

There’s nothing quite so arrogant as an arrogant liberal occupying a position of power. Connecticut senate candidate Richard Blumenthal’s non-apologetic apology over his false claims to have served in Vietnam was a case point. Last week, another liberal Democrat, Illinois congressman Phil Hare (D -17) was in the news again, this time for allegedly threatening a constituent who called the congressman out over his fatuous claims of being a veteran.

You may remember Phil Hare. He was filmed telling a constituent that he doesn’t worry about the Constitution. It was a stupid thing to say, but I’m inclined to give Hare the benefit of the doubt regarding the Constitution. In the context the question he was being asked – where in the Constitution does it say that Americans have the right to health care? – he probably meant that he felt that the healthcare bill would survive a constitutional challenge, rather than thumbing his nose at that hallowed document itself. Not that many a Democrat doesn’t think in the latter terms, but they surely know better than to express such an opinion.

What was more troubling in that video was the sneering arrogance that seemed to seethe through congressman Hare’s very pores. Hare sounded more like a feudal lord putting an annoying peasant in his rightful place for daring to question his master’s wisdom than he did an elected representative addressing the legitimate inquiries of an obviously upset and concerned constituent. But, perhaps Phil Hare was just having a bad day? It seems not. The latest accusations leveled against the congressman are enough to make one question not just his qualifications to serve in the United States Congress, but whether he would be fit to lead a Boy Scout troop.

Hare has repeatedly called himself a “veteran.” In fact, he joined the reserves during the Vietnam era and was never called to active service. By most legal definitions of the word, and most importantly to most real veterans themselves, a former reservist is not entitled to call himself a veteran. When a former reservist uses their honored word, real veterans get touchy, and understandably so. If such a deception doesn’t qualify as a case of full-blown stolen honor, it’s certainly matter of taking out an extended, zero-interest loan against the honor of those men and women who earned the title…

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Source:  Air Force Times

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