the white shadow (short story)

By Ioana Petrova

… “Back in the depth of the woods there was a house. A small wooden house of oak with red curtains and a small garden of white roses surrounding it.  In that house lived the lady in white. She chose to move there years ago to escape the materialistic numbness with which the town covered her soul. To escape the prison and feel alive again. With her there was a bird who adapted her house as its own. It was a small red bird with a beautiful voice. She called him ginger because of the red wings it had.

No one knew of the house in the valley and she liked it that way. She lived undisturbed there for many summers until that one day. She awoke with a strange urge.  A pull and a strong desire to take a walk to the hill.  An invisible hand leaded her out of the house and showed her the path to the hill. It was an urge she couldn’t fight. One to make the journey.

So she took her long satin white cape, covered her long dark hairs and perfect white skin, took one red candle and some matches and left with Ginger closely at her side…

And there it was, the hill.  Surrounded by the endless green fields of low grass and creatures of all sorts. Paradise reborn. It was a low hill not too far from the river and on top of it was the shadow.  Standing there and waiting for her to finally arrive. Yes that was him. The creature from the dreams, but could it be true. The long days of isolation must be clouding her mind, but yet he was there. She froze right there with excitement.

It was true, it wasn’t just a dream. The creature with eyes of diamonds and shadow of gold stood there and patiently waiting to collect his prize. And that was something she knew all too well for a promise she made that one day.  That paradise is not a free gift.  A prize must be paid…

What Caused the Fire That Killed Ashley Turton?

Daily Beast – By Pat Wingert

Ashley Turton, the wife of a White House aide, died tragically Monday when her car caught fire in her garage. Pat Wingert reports on the mysterious circumstances—and what officials suspect sparked the fire.

Tragedy shook the Washington political community again when D.C. firefighters and police confirmed that a freak accident apparently claimed the life of Ashley Turton, a former top congressional aide and wife of White House legislative liaison Dan Turton. The woman was found dead in her burned-out car in her Capitol Hill garage early Monday.

Based on evidence at the scene, D.C. Fire Department spokesman Pete Piringer said investigators’ “leading theory” is that Turton was trying to maneuver her BMW SUV out of her garage at 5 a.m. and around a car in the driveway when she apparently came into contact with some kind of flammable chemicals or other explosive materials. A workbench was located near the garage opening, he said.

“We’re waiting for lab results,” said Piringer. “It’s possible it was related to something mechanical, some kind of malfunction or it may be that she hit something in the garage, or something like a tricycle got stuck underneath the car.” He said Turton’s air bag did not deploy, indicating that if she did hit something, it was done at low speed. Piringer said that it was only once the fire was out and heavy smoke dissipated that responders could see that there was a body inside the car…

UPDATE (WaPo):  Lobbyist’s death ruled accidental (Autopsy found “acute alcohol intoxication”)

Delaware police mum about cause of former Pentagon official John Wheeler’s death

Police silence opens door to wild speculation

Delaware Online – By CRIS BARRISH

How was former Pentagon official John P. Wheeler III killed? If police know, they aren’t saying.

Two full weeks after Wheeler’s body was spotted tumbling out of a trash hauler into a Wilmington landfill on New Year’s Eve, police and the state Medical Examiner’s Office remain uncharacteristically silent.

Though officials immediately labeled his death a “homicide,” they have refused to provide the cause, nor will they say whether they’re sure how Wheeler died.

Law enforcement’s posture runs contrary to normal Delaware police procedure in homicide cases. Police agencies routinely say how a homicide victim died, even in cases where the crime occurred in a private home rather than a public place like a street shooting, and where no suspect has been arrested or identified.

But with Wheeler, in a case that has drawn national media coverage, silence has reigned.

“At this point in the investigation, we don’t want to release that information,” Newark police spokesman Lt. Mark Farrall said. He would not elaborate.

Video and witness accounts of Wheeler’s behavior in the 48 hours before his body was found show him disoriented, carrying one of his dress shoes, and looking in vain for his car in a Wilmington parking garage blocks from where his vehicle was located.

Hal G. Brown, deputy director of the Delaware Office of the Medical Examiner, said his agency is awaiting the results of toxicology and further forensic studies, which could take weeks. Toxicology testing is routine in all Delaware autopsies, even when the cause of death is known…

Good as gold? Olympic gymnast rumoured to be Putin’s mistress is controversial cover star for Russian Vogue’s debut issue

Spy Babe Huckster Anna Chapman in Soviet Film Parody

ChattahBox World News

Russian spy babe and “James Bond Girl” Anna Chapman failed at real spying while working undercover in the U.S. for her Motherland, but she recently played one on TV. Chapman, fresh off appearing on the cover of the Russian Maxim magazine, skimpily attired in black lingerie brandishing a pistol, starred in a short parody of a Soviet spy film, as part of Channel One’s New Year’s Eve programming. Chapman, a spy who came in from the cold after being booted from the U.S. for spying, arrived into the welcoming arms of her Motherland, eager to help the sexy spy cash in on her notoriety.

Chapman played herself in the sexy parody of the popular Soviet series “Seventeen Moments of Spring,” that features Maxim Isayev, Russian’s answer to James Bond. The expelled spy extolled her Russian viewers to use New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to reveal their hidden feelings of romantic love…

Apparently, her sexy topless Maxim photo shoot and appearance in the spy parody film are all part of a calculated master plan to enter into politics.

“Last month she joined a pro-Putin youth organisation and some observers believe she is preparing to stand for the Russian parliament in elections at the end of this year.”

“In a lengthy chat show appearance on December 30, she met acquaintances from her youth and was even presented with a pet lion as a gift.”…]

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