This is Too Much For Me


I have, for me, shown an amazing amount of restraint in keeping my mouth shut on an issue about which I can stay silent no longer — GOProud and CPAC.

RedState’s parent company, Eagle Publishing, Inc., is a long time sponsor of CPAC. RedState itself is helping FreedomWorks sponsor Bloggers Row. We were the sole sponsor of Bloggers Row last year. I will be speaking at CPAC at the Young America’s Foundation luncheon named in honor of Tom Phillips, my friend and also the big boss at Eagle Publishing, Inc.

I have done my best to stay out of this business, keep my mouth shut, and appreciate my friends on both sides of the CPAC divide. Had I not seen this particular attack by GOProud against long time solid conservatives I’d continue keeping my mouth shut. But this is too much. And my guess is that there aren’t many if any willing to call foul, so I will do it.

As someone who spent time trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, I accept this as conclusive proof that, while it is a Republican organization, GOProud is not a conservative organization. Let me tell you why. What has my blood pressure up is this particular bit from the article:

Of the Heritage Foundation’s decision, he says, ”They’ve chosen to – and it’s a mystery to me why – but they’ve chosen to align themselves with the losers.”

Asked to explain, Barron places the blame at the feet of Cleta Mitchell, the big-name Republican D.C. lawyer who was the attorney for the groups trying to keep marriage equality from coming to the District. Mitchell did not respond to multiple requests from Metro Weekly for comment.

”I think there’s a couple people in Heritage who, at the behest of Cleta Mitchell – who is just a nasty bigot … she got some of the people at Heritage early on fired up about this,” Barron says. ”We tried very, very hard to smooth this over and to avoid any public fight with Heritage and then when Heritage came up with their excuse about how this wasn’t about GOProud – first of all, we knew it was, we knew it was six months ago – but we were willing to publicly let them.”

You really should read the whole thing. You’ll learn that should you disagree with GOProud, you are a bigot too…

The American Spectator: Partial Apology from GOProud

The State of the American Conservative Union

CPAC 2011 Chair :: David Keene

Oh how we have grown.  Today we kicked off the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC.  This annual gathering of concerned conservatives is always a bellwether of the state of the conservative movement in general, and the American Conservative Union specifically.  And I am happy to report that both the movement and the ACU are stronger than ever.

The 2011 CPAC will host more attendees, more exhibitors, more participants and a wider spectrum of voices and views than any past year.  Many dynamic conservative leaders in the nation will be speaking to the more than 11,000 attendees – sharing ideas and receiving feedback and support.  In this centennial of the birth of President Ronald Reagan – a conservative icon above all other – it is good to see so many still rallying to a cause he helped take mainstream.

With the election in November 2010, we were heartened to see conservatism triumph by such resounding margins at the ballot box.  Many conservative champions and friends of the ACU, like Congresswoman Kristi Noem, Congressman Tim Scott and Senators Pat Toomey and Mike Lee among many, many others, were elected nationwide, giving our movement more advocates in elected positions than we have seen in a decade.  At times it seems as if the numbers and strength of commitment of our conservative leaders nationwide are expanding every trip to the ballot box.

Additionally, our conservative coalition is growing.  We have found over the last few years that we have lots and lots of friends; individuals who support traditional conservative values of limited government, individual liberty, free markets, and the founding documents of our nation. While we don’t, and never have, agreed on every important conservative issue, as President Reagan said “If you agree with me 80 percent of the time, you are my friend.”  Including these varied groups in our movement has made us better and more influential.

Our range of influence is also growing.  As evidenced by our recent delegation to the Republic of China, we have expanded from a focus on conservatism domestically, to a desire to see conservative values blossom globally.  We have also taken steps to better reach past the traditional power corridor of the beltway and out into local communities – the real foundation of conservativism – to better reflect our commitment.  These efforts have lead to more people hearing our message and more people joining our cause.

When I look toward the next few of years, I am excited to see Al Cardenas take over as Chairman of the ACU to continue the work we started twenty-seven years ago and that many of you have so generously supported throughout my tenure.  I expect great things from Al and I know you do as well, especially at such a pivotal time. With important issues like the debt, immigration reform, entitlement reform and healthcare all to be debated this year we must continue to influence the debate.

Additionally, we all know 2012 will be an exciting year for conservatives.  These elections, with the potential to set the political and social agenda for the future are so important that we are fortunate the ACU and the conservative movement is so healthy.

The ACU is growing.  We are winning the battle for American values.  The last twenty-seven years for the ACU have been ones of tremendous achievement.  I expect the next quarter century to be even better.

Thank you for your support and God Bless America.

CPAC 2011: Whose Bright Idea Was it to Put Rumsfeld and Cheney in Front of Screaming Libertarians?

Slate – By David Weigel

First, a word about hecklers: It’s awful that they get so much attention. A few bad apples in a room of thousands can create the impression of massive dissent, when it really isn’t there.

That said, boy, was there a lot of heckling when Donald Rumsfeld arrived at CPAC to accept the Defender of the Constitution Award. The ballroom for big events fills up many minutes in advance. In this instance, the people who wanted to hear Rand Paul speak at 3:45 had to arrive around 2:30, and stay there. If they did, they sat through a speech from Donald Trump (a surprise to attendees who weren’t checking the news frequently), and used every possible moment to yell “RON PAUL” at the Donald. When Trump responded to one of the heckles, and said that Paul “can’t win” the presidency, there were loud and righteous boos.

It takes a while to exit the ballroom. This means that hundreds of Paul fans — recognizably younger and sometimes beardier than the median CPAC attendee — are in the room or in lines as Donald Rumsfeld is introduced.

“I am pleased to recognize our chairman, David Keene, to recognize Donald Rumsfeld,” says emcee Ted Cruz.

There are loud boos.

Keene mentions that this is the “Defender of the Constitution Award.” More boos; also, shouts of “RON PAUL! RON PAUL!”

When Rumsfeld takes the stage, the boos keep going, because some anti-war conservatives have stuck around to heckle. When it sees Dick Cheney, the crowd’s din drowns out the boos… for a while. I find a place on the floor next to several activists wearing Ron Paul gear.

“Bringing in Cheney made it worse,” says Nathan Cox, a Richmond, Va. activist and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. “I kinda feel like yelling something.”

He doesn’t yell, but another activist yells “Show us the shekels, Dick! Show us the shekels!” It’s a not-so-veiled critique of Israel that gets him immediately kicked out. Another anti-war conservative yells “Draft dodger!” and he’s kicked out.

By this point, enough supporters of the last Republican administration are in the room to fill it with cheers of “Cheney 2012!” and to drown out a heckler who yells “Where’s bin Laden?”

BREAKING: Donald Trump Begins Not Running for President

TIME – By James Poniewozik

… “Listen: I’d love to be wrong about this, simply for entertainment purposes. (And as far as the world is concerned, Trump is now primarily an entertainer.) But what we know about Donald Trump is: he loves attention and to be treated fawningly. As long as he is an exciting potential candidate, stringing along the press until summer or so, that is what he will get, not just from celebrity journalists whom he picked as the winner of a game show.

But what Trump does not like is losing, humiliation and being made to look bad publicly. And if Trump runs for President (on the GOP ticket, as he has been flirting with, or as an independent), he will lose, be humiliated and be made to look bad. Once Trump were to actually get into the race, he would have to be taken seriously by the political media, his inconsistencies parsed, his business history audited, his personal foibles exhumed.

As it is right now, everybody is willing to give him a pass on this right now, because, let’s repeat, Donald Trump is not going to run for President. But there’s a symbiosis; he gets exposure and gives the political media a handy, attention-getting story during these slack, silly months before actual candidates actually declare. See also: stories on a potential Michael Bloomberg candidacy, potential Democratic challengers to Barack Obama, a Vice Presidential switcheroo, &c. Enjoy the show while it lasts.”