Obama’s summer reading list

Politico 44

Saturday’s pool reports revealed that POTUS bought two books for himself: “The Bayou Trilogy,” a collection by Daniel Woodrell, and “Rodin’s Debutante” by Ward Just.

Cue a furious Wikipedia-ing of said titles by the hoi polloi, some knowing nods from the literati and no small amateur psychology from political navel-gazers. “Rodin’s Debutante” features a “Gatsbyesque character living in a mansion outside robber-baron-era Chicago,” according to its description on Amazon.com, and “The Bayou Trilogy” is a trifecta of crime novellas that features a detective called Rene Shade, who takes on “hit men, porn kings, a gang of ex-cons, and the ghosts of his own checkered past,” also according to its Amazon blurb.

And in a John Le Carre-esque twist, it was also revealed Saturday that Obama brought three books with him on vacation: “Cutting for Stone,” a novel by Abraham Verghese; “To the End of the Land,” a novel by David Grossman; and “The Warmth of Other Suns,” which was described as the “epic” story of America’s Great Migration, by Isabel Wilkerson.

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