The Duchess stands up to her son James and his daughter

the son of Cayetano, upset with the distribution of inheritance


Cayetana de Alba, in her 85 years, no punches. She says what she thinks and sometimes clarity opens up new battlefronts in the family. It was the duchess who has revealed herself to the happiness that lives on the eve of her wedding, scheduled for October 5 in Seville, only tarnishes the problems with her son James Fitz-James Stuart and his wife, Inka Marti, she calls a “liar, bad and envious.”

The Duchess addressed the issue no one will ask her. It happened in Telecinco, which she called the chain to clarify information that had nothing to do with heredity. Cayetana de Alba took the opportunity to drop the bomb.

In circles close to the family of James knew of discomfort with the distribution of the estate by his mother in early August. He corresponded in something as diffuse as “several rural estates.” In his plot, his mother did not leave any family home, as he did with his brothers.

Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, the eldest, will receive the Liria Palace and Monterrey. Alfonso, the estate of the former castle of the roof (fourteenth century), which has been rehabilitated, in Calzada de Don Diego (Salamanca). Fernando, the mansion of Las Cañas in Marbella. Cayetano, Arbaizenea Palace in San Sebastian and the farm’s streams, which was when she married Genoveva Casanova. And Eugene, the home of Ibiza and La Sa Aufabaguera Pizana, a farm of 600 acres in Gerena (Sevilla), which gave the duchess when she married bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordonez.

According to family sources, James hoped that the house of Ibiza was for him. She asked her mother, who decided to leave it to his only daughter. The Duchess argument is that once helped James to ride and buy the publishing house Siruela Ampurdan in which he lives. However, James has made it clear this summer: “Not a penny, a penny I got. I went out alone, with loans and work.”

Jacob’s anger has strained relations between siblings. Eugenia is in the midst of family feuds, as she was the one who has been the home of Ibiza. It so happens that James has always been close to both Cayetano as Eugenia, but relations have been cooled somewhat over the years and distance, as the little family frequents editor and prefer to take refuge in the Empordà.

“I am very pleased with my children and Alfonso … [problems] are just jealous and very bad. James and his wife, and,” It was a statement that reveals the conflict between family Dearuba Cayetana.

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