Perry and the Seven Dwarfs

Unless Mitt Romney can legitimately sell himself as a die-hard Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, Rick Perry is likely the 2012 Republican nominee, in my view.

Set aside whether you’re Republican or Democrat and whoever you may want to see as President—think like a political strategist. Perry perfectly fits the mold of Republicans who win the nomination, while Romney is the textbook guy who never wins but doesn’t understand why.

It all stems from Dewey-Taft nomination battles in the 1940s. Dewey won the battle, but Taft won the war. And that war is still at the heart of the Republican Party…

Weiner gets ‘brush’off

Turner kin bristle at office remnant


Scrub out the stench of Weiner!

Newly sworn-in Republican Rep. Bob Turner’s family ordered a thorough cleaning of the House office space he inherited from his disgraced predecessor, Anthony Weiner, after finding an old “Anthony’’ toothbrush in the bathroom.

The discovery of Weiner toiletries grossed out the newcomers, who requested that the congressman’s bathroom in Office 2104 of the Rayburn building be sanitized, sources said.

Weiner resigned in June amid a sexting scandal in which he tweeted crotch shots and naked photos to young women, including from an office chair.

“Weiner left his toothbrush behind! It literally says ‘Anthony’ on it,” an insider said.

“We made the assumption who Anthony was.”

Turner’s wife, Peggy, a registered nurse, personally requested that congressional cleaners be brought in to scrub the bathroom, the insider said.

There also was talk of replacing the carpeting and Weiner’s office chair, the insider said.

But Turner, who attended a whirlwind of meetings all day, waved off questions about office decor and Weiner residue.

“I’ll defer to the taxpayers. We’ll use what we got. That’s not the most important thing I have to deal with,’’ he said.

But Turner — who upset Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin to win the seat on Tuesday — said he’s learned one lesson from Weiner.

“I do have a Twitter account. But I will use it fully clothed,”…]

Follow “#attackwatch” on Twitter In Realtime (A few favorites)

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“I want to report someone at home on the range who said a discouraging word.”

Dear #attackwatch I had bad thoughts about Obama this morning when I learned my sister lost her job. Please make me stop. thank You”

No names, but someone in WH keeps leavin the toilet seat up! OK-Pretty sure it’s Napolitano.

Stop lying about Nobama not creating jobs! He created two…one in NewYork and another in Nevada!

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hey #attackwatch I hear that Sarah Palin got screwed by a black man. Haven’t we all?

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Dear #attackwatch You have hardly accomplished anything since being launched. Are you unionized and on strike already?

i wonder if under the patriot act we qualify as dissidents and if they will assesinate us, send us to jail or gitmo.

Fries with that? Now you’ll need parents’ permission as Michelle Obama unveils PG-rated meals at Olive Garden and Red Lobster

Obama’s Lunch Buddy’s Company Given Obamacare Waiver

Rick Perry Is George W. Bush 2.0

… It’s as if Rick Perry is running a west Texas campaign on a national level. Yes, a west Texas campaign will get you attention and the support of right-wing Tea Partiers but will hurt nearly every other voter demographic. Last spring, Perry held a Texas prayer and fasting rally to pray for rain and has been quoted saying that “anyone that doesn’t accept Jesus as their savior is going to hell.”

How well do we think this is going to play in the battleground state of Florida with its large Jewish population (or with anyone who isn’t a Christian)? These are just a few small examples of his polarization, and as the election season continues, I’m sure we’ll see even more examples.

Rick Perry is not my candidate, Rick Perry has never been my candidate. Even what little scandal that has filtered out is enough to make me question his judgment and ethics as a politician…

I spent almost two years trying to get my father elected president. The notion that we as a party are going to nominate the most conservative candidate simply to prove some kind of ideological point about extreme conservatism, instead of looking at the broader picture concerning the general election, is suicide…