“The Wisdom Of A Plain & Simple Man”

LuckyBogey is a DC beltway expatriate now living in the “deep south”.   I was born and raised in Telfair County, Georgia.  I resided for over 20 years in the Chesapeake basin and the “red clay” of Georgia finally has called me home.  I have lived and traveled throughout Europe for over 7 years and served in the US Air Force for 11 years.  I have walked the marble halls of the Pentagon and Langley.  There is an old saying that once you have lived on the Potomac, you will always return.

My daughter and granddaughters currently reside in Annapolis, Md., and most of my business co-workers are located around the Washington DC corridor.  I majored in Economics at the Univ of Maryland and currently I’m employed in the  Legal Department for a large well recognized global international company in the Information Technology (IT) industry.  I was born a Georgia Dawg and will remain a Dawg fan for eternity.

Politically, I’m registered “Independent” and have personally witnessed the fall and rise of communism and socialism in Europe.  I was raised Democrat, voted for Gerald Ford for my first presidential election, and my political philosophy is likely defined as a cross between “Paleoconservative” and “Paleolibertarianism“.  I believe it is very important to understand and listen to each side of the issue.

Please feel free to comment on my blog site.  Please provide  links to support your comments as needed.  As the Captain of this ship, I reserve the right to throw you overboard!

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